Track By Tracks: Coast To Coast Discuss - The World Doesn’t Work (2018)

Coast To Coast’s third extended player ‘The World Doesn’t Work’, will see the light of day on 26 th October via Fox Records. Available to pre-order now, you can secure it digitally (here) and physically (here), including on CD and two limited edition vinyl colourways. Fronted by Kieran Hyland they are completed by Josh Taylor on Rhythm Guitar, Zak Taylor on Bass and Jake Oseland on Drums. Releasing their debut ‘Dwell’ in 2016, following the addition of Zak and Jake later that year, the band considers this to be when Coast To Coast really came into existence. 2017 sophomore EP ‘The Length Of A Smile’ saw the pop-rockers sonically getting into their stride, then solidifying their ambition of “always looking forward to trying out new things musically and playing our hearts out on tour.” Sticking with their tried and true formula of recording with trusted producer Ian Sadler at Emeline Studios, with mastering put in the capable hands of Grant Berry at Fader, the band took their demos and knocked them into shape, declaring ‘The World Doesn’t Work’ To Be: “The strongest stuff we have made. We’ve transitioned well into a more mature sound and found our own style within that.” The result is a smart, impassioned and incisive 6 tracks of swaggering English rock, in the vein of Lower Than Atlantis, Fatherson, and Deaf Havana. Now the band are here to give us a deeper guide of what to expect from the release and how it came to be, track by track... 

“Writing this EP was pretty different to the last one, Kei lived in Bournemouth with the rest of us still in Birmingham so we wouldn’t see him very much. The only times we saw him was when we were touring really, he’d come down a few days before each tour and we’d get some writing done with him and prepare for the tour. It worked for us though. We’d write the music and send it over to Kei and he’d send back vocal ideas for the tracks and we had a lot of back and forth like this. It was great when Kei would send his vocal ideas over for songs and we’d all be buzzing once we’d heard it, it really brought the songs to life.

1. Tremble: 

Tremble is a song about my childhood and going back to live with my dad in the house we were brought up. I struggled with moving back there because so much has changed. Seeing how certain family members health Jd deteriorated and how the estate wasn’t the same place I remember it being when I was young hit me hard. Musically Zak brought the base to this one and we built upon it from there.

2. Good & Grim:

We wrote this around the same time as Be Kind, it actually uses the same chords as a song we had originally written for our last EP ‘The Length Of A Smile’ that didn’t make it onto that EP. I’m glad it didn’t though because Good & Grim is a much better track than that was. It ties in with the common theme of the EP. It’s about seeing both the positive and negative aspects of life. The choruses refer to feelings of being selfish, I was busy focusing on my own problems and totally forgot to check up on my family and close ones, something that I still beat myself up over.

3. The Sun Is Dim: 

This song is defiantly our favorite song from this EP. Alex came up with the main riff and some other little parts around the beginning of when we started writing but it wasn’t till much later that we decided to work on it more and once we did everything just flowed. It’s a song that felt like it wrote it’s self, It was the most enjoyable song we wrote for sure. We feel it is the song that defines this EP.

4. Be Kind:

Be Kind was actually the first song we wrote for the EP, it’s one of the songs that underwent the lest change from when we first wrote it to recording it. With this one, Alex came up with the base and we built upon it all together later at a writing session. Shooting the video for this one was a lot of fun, shooting on multiple locations and with a lot of different characters was great. We did make the mistake of giving the people in the party location real beer though and so after every take, someone needed to use the toilet, go for a fag or even just wander off to the shop. It was hectic but hilarious.

5. Boxing:

Boxing is another track about my relationship with my father. The subtle references such as ‘going 12 rounds with myself’ are special to me as I grew up around my dad and his love for boxing. I wanted to write something really personal but also something that was relatable. One of my favorite lyrics on the whole record is from the chorus of this track ‘I keep myself to myself, then complain that I’m alone, in a world doesn’t work’ really sums up everything I wanted this record to represent. Again Zak came up with the bulk of this track, I think it’s the track that went through the most changes, at one point the bridge went to a big ambient instrumental section. The problem though, was that it felt like such a big departure from the rest of the song that it felt out of place. So we kept trying different things and after multiple versions of this section, we finally nailed it.

6. Cold Buzz: 

Cold buzz is about my relationship with my family again. ‘Pour your worry onto me, I won’t say anything’ is a lyric I’m really proud of. I’ve always wanted to support my loved ones as much as I can, and as much as I try I always am left feeling I haven’t done quite enough. The second half of this track is something we were all really proud of and I think it’s the perfect end to the record. It was something we knew we wanted to do on a track on the EP, it shifts the feel of the song completely.

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