Track By Tracks: The Sonder Bombs - MODERN FEMALE ROCKSTAR (2018)

1. Atom:

Atom was sort of an obvious choice as the first track because we wanted to kick off the album with something slappin’ that represented the fun we all have making music together. Over the past year and a half that we’ve been a full band, we have played Atom EVERY. SINGLE. SET. And not once have we considered pulling it from rotation because we have such a blast each time! 
2. U(ke) Ain’t Enough:

The I-Told-You-So uke-punk ditty written for all our fellow ukulele babes! We made the decision to have no guitars on the song but keep that traditional punk lineup with drums, bass & uke as the melodic lead. Obviously we know that you don’t need a guitar to write “real punk” but we had to shout it a little louder for the people in the back.
3. Pot & Kettle:

A boppin rhythmic jam that took us a really long time to finish and also the last song we wrote for the album. It came from a place in my heart where I discovered that cutting off toxic people from your life, even if you love them dearly, is sometimes the only thing left to do. This is one of those songs where when we were developing the structure, especially in the chorus, we were making a lot of those “stanky” “this is NASTY” type faces.
4. Title:

As a song that sets one of the main underlying tones for the whole album, its only natural that the title of the record comes from this song It also made a perfect first single for that reason. We wanted to break through with Title as an anthem to sort of to let all non-male folks know right out of the gate that we are coming for the male-dominated scene at full force. The strength in our voices is represented clearly during the bridge gang vocals. Title ended up a lot heavier than I planned initially due to Eric messing around with the double kick pedal but it fit so perfectly that we ran with it.
5. Shoot 2 Kill:

Ever fantasized about the death of someone that makes your life a living hell?  What started off as a rage fueled ode to the extremes of feeling like you’re better off without a person who gets in your way, turned into the best 36 second smasher we will probably ever write. Shoot 2 Kill was a last minute addition to the album that breaks up the heaviness of the whole record in a definitely needed way. It says everything it needs too in the exact appropriate amount of time to spend on a person who isn’t worth any.
6. Wild:

So groovy and chill Wild is the fun intimate song that we want everyone to make out too! Its one of the first songs that Jimmy and I worked on together back when were just a 2-piece. Soft vocal padding, tantalizing guitar leads and deep ambient drums  create the sonic room within the record where babies are made.
7. Something I Said:

Relationships aren’t fixed with “I’m sorry.” They rely heavily on taking accountability and apologizing once you realize you’ve hurt someone. Jimmy wrote such a sick nasty riff for the bridge in this one and we get so hype each time we hit it. Something I Said was one of the first songs we wrote fully as a band and it’s the one that made Eric join! A lot of 6 packs, self reflection & sweaty summer nights went into completing this bad boi.
8. Dimly Lit:

There is an ancient demo, deep within the bowels of the internet, from the day I wrote this song and decided to show people. Being one of my oldest songs, I’ve been able to watch it develop into the raw daunting version we have now. Dimly Lit is about being in love with someone who suffered from addiction. We finished the vocals for this song during the last day of recording, which was by far the most emotionally draining and I feel it totally shine through the way I always intended it to.

9. Twinkle Lights:

Twinkle Lights is dedicated to those who suffer from mental illness and survivors of sexual assault. The only important thing we want people to know when they listen to this song is that they are not alone. There are folks out there who understand you and people who can help. We want to encourage everyone to reach out to someone if they feel they need to. Our Dms are always open and we love you.-- 

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