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Track By Tracks: VEONITY - Legend Of The Starborn (2018)

1. Rise Again:

The opening track of the album is all about setting the tone for the album. A lead guitar melody followed by a bass-driven verse leads the way into a chorus that will stick in your head. We also wanted to show from the start a heavier side than on “Into The Void” so there is some serious guitar-riffing in the middle of the song. But since Veonity is not about the heavy stuff the song ends after a double chorus and key-change.

Send back in time by the Warriors Of Time, our hero, The Starborn, arrives in the age of the Viking. He finds the last remaining Vikings and urges them to unite and fight against the tyrants of Atlantis.

2. Starborn:

The title track is one of the heaviest songs of Veonity. Even though we had a few half tempo songs before, none of them is as heavy as this. It consists of a lot of different parts, all based on heavy riffing, and a Viking choir in the refrain. We wanted to bring in a little darker element than before, to really set the mood for the story. This one is told both from the perspective of the Vikings.

3. Guiding Light:

The first single really is what defines Veonity. Fast paced double bass drum accompanied by sizzling guitars and soaring melodies. Nothing progressive here, just classic Swedish power metal. Story wise it’s about the Starborn looking back upon the destruction of earth, his journey through time and space and his quest to guide the Vikings and prevent Atlantis from conquering the world.

4. Winds of Asgard:

This one is based on galloping bass drums and guitars and the first track without a bombastic choir in the refrain. It also features the first guest, Tommy Johansson from Sabaton and Reinxeed. He did an amazing performance and his vocals really frame the story.

The arrival of the Starborn has awakened something in both the Vikings and the Asgard realm and the gods are leading the way into the open sea.

5. Outcasts Of Eden:

This is the second single track. It’s a heavy mid-tempo song containing lots of bass and guitar rhythms but it also contains a more modern touch with a guitar/keyboard melody. The chorus, which is also the main message of the song, is repetitive in both lyrics and melody making it into a kind of battle hymn.

The song is describing is the Vikings reaction to the terrors brought by the Atlantis and the need to stand up and fight.

6. Sail Away:

Unlike most of our songs this one starts with a clean guitar and low-pitched vocals. Story wise it’s about when the Viking’s sails off to the mystical isle where the Starborn will find the weapon needed to destroy the Atlantis. Musically we tried to give the song a “sailing” feel and after the second chorus there are some pirate-like guitar riffs.  

7. The Prophecy:

A spoken track by Paul Logue from Eden’s Curse. Depicting an ancient wizard dwelling in the forest and telling the Prophecy of the Starborn. Introducing the storyline for the next track.

8. Warrior of The North:

The song starts with a mystic touch leading into really fast double bass drum along with pumping guitars. Double verse leading up to a majestic refrain with huge choirs.

We really tried to make this refrain glorious. We want it to send shivers down your spine and get the urge to pick up your sword and fight!

This track is the only one that we added a symphonic touch to with strings, brass and synths.

A tribute to the one and only band: Rhapsody.

Our most epic song and this one is all about taking you on a quest to find the magic weapon needed to fulfill the prophecy and destroy Atlantis.

9. Gates of Hell:

A midtempo track built around the bass and guitars. Despite of its name it has a really happy feeling around it. One of our favorite things that we try to use on at least one track of each album: A verse with just drums, bass and synth. It creates a bigger atmosphere and makes you feel good. It’s the second track with no choirs on the refrain

The story has now landed in the realm of Atlantis and the Vikings are preparing for the final fight. When encountering difficulties and hardship, face it with your head held high. Dying for what you believe is the most honorable fate you can meet.

10. Freedom Vikings:

A hard hitting riff with a backbeat double bass drum sets the tone, it´s time to fight!

On most songs we use the bass as a foundation behind the guitars, but in this song we have incorporated the bass in the riff for a more technical approach. A heavier sounding verse, with a glorious bridge that bursts in to a melodic power metal refrain. It also features the master vocalist Patrik J Selleby from Bloodbound.

We often write songs that has no clear storyline/place in the tale. You got some sensation in where it will go but nothing more than that. When it´s done you get an overall feeling about the song and write the lyrics in the same mood.
This is one of the tracks that were written with the story clear from the beginning.

The fight has begun and the Vikings charge for freedom or death or both.

11. Lament:

The Veonity train tends to end up in superfast glorious songs and although we love that we also want to show diversity and give the listener an opportunity to catch their breath. We wanted to capture the sorrow of losing a dear one and of course that requires a ballad. It has one of the most technical challenging vocal lines because of the height and the key change in the end. Clean guitars and a sizzling 1 minute guitar solo creates a soothing atmosphere.

The name says it all, a lament for the fallen. It fits in the storyline but it can also be related to on a personal level. Everybody knows the pain of losing family and friends and the struggle to get back and your feet and carry on.

12. To The Gods:

One of the songs where the double bass drum never seems to end. After the vocal intro the guitars starts riffing fast and aggressively and from there on it is full throttle. Different with this track is that we in solo parts chose to only have bass, keyboard and twin melody guitars while the drums just beats on.

After death, The spirit of The Starborn ascends into the void to unite with the Warriors Of Time. While his spirit is drifting through time and space he remembers the legend of the starborn.

13. United We Stand:

This is our only song in 6/8 so far. Together with a classical guitar, intense vocals and huge choirs we wanted this song to be a victorious closer. The chorus makes you want to sing along instantly and in a classical Veonity-way we are finishing the album off by letting the choirs of the chorus slowly fade away, this time together with a marching drum. As you can imagine, the song takes place after the glorious battle where the Atlantis is defeated. The warriors are celebrating the victory.

14. Beyond The Horizon:

This triplet song that starts with only drum fills stands out from the rest of the songs on the album and was the perfect choice for a bonus song. We also added some Swedish lyrics just for the fun of it.  The guitars are playful and energetic and their pattern revolves around one riff which returns throughout the song. The story is about taking place long after the battle. The Vikings are dying of age and travelling into the great halls of Valhalla.

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