Track By Tracks: Vst - The Beast Manifesto (2018)

1. Abyss:

This is the narrative of the entrance to the next life, a metaphorical way to see self-illumination or maybe death itself, it pictures the process of living any fears behind, all preconceptions are faced and battled, that stage where all mundane burdens are left and spiritual perspective is embraced, a place where God is dismembered and burned to give birth to the true awakened self.

2. Stench of Downfall:

This is a story of a man-demon who kills young virgin girls to bath in their essence.

3. Beast Manifesto:

Reveals the key to freedom through self acceptance. Religion and politics have develop a wrong idea of humanity, separating us from animals and creating a false dogma of moral superiority. To set free the true beast that lies within you is to accept the wildness of chaos that lies in the spirit of nature. That same flame of freedom that lies within you. At the end, your moral values does not matter at all if you put it against the unstoppable power of the laws of nature.

4. Hear the Suffering:

In world war II there was a walk to death for the old and the ill ones, this is a part of history we tell not to be repeated.

5 Ouroboros:

A hymn to the Left Hand Path, to all occultists and Satanists that offer their art and life to the self- God, it’s a clamor to the eternal chaos, the highest freedom declaration in this manifesto. The Ouroboros is the infinite serpent that devours and renews itself to reach illumination completes the cycle of this voyage called life.

6. Ode to I:

A confrontation with the inner self, the fight to release the demon that burns inside of you, this lyric paints the exact moment when the flame starts to burn and there’s no way back, the beginning of that hunger for knowledge, freedom and enlightenment and Ode to a rebirth far beyond the human plane.

7. Sathanael:

He, the light bringer, the deceiver, the first precursor of sin. Sathanael was the older son of God who created the serpent and was casted out of heaven to create a second world filled with suffering and misery.

8 Hyperthermia:

Religion teaches us to accept some aspects of ourselves and reject others, as a result we become fragmented, all we’re taught to suppress about ourselves, gives birth to our demons, but “even demons have a reason to exist”... So, when we realise desire is fuel, doubts opens doors, anger empowers us, pleasure makes existence bearable... and we honor and acknowledged every aspect of our being... that feeling of wholeness... so so powerful and liberating, is almost like a fire coming from within.

9. Suicidal God:

It represents the agony of man, the absence of meaning. The emptiness of existence that human kind reaches while he is alive. The sadness in the illusion of having light and abundance. It tries to unmask the lies of the divinity of god as the creator, no god could handle the pain of mortal existence and mundane life in modern life.

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