Behind The Artworks: Prey Drive - Once More With Feeling (2018)

The artwork for ‘Once More With Feeling’ was very much an extension of the themes covered in the lyrics. Brad put a lot of himself into this album lyrically and essentially, it is about a time in his life so it seemed fitting to set the artwork in the place that he grew up, and a place that we all have a personal connection with from childhood. It's also the location for the ‘Foxes’ video.

We've been a DIY band from the start and wanted to carry this through so we did it all ourselves. From photographing the cover - taken by Paul's fiancee Leanne, to handwriting all the type — done by Brads girlfriend Charlie (this was done as a nod to the way people used to document moments in time by writing on the back of photographs) — to designing the sleeve and inserts which we all did in-between recording.

Being able to do this was a really nice way to put a little bit more into the album. Any band will understand how much time and effort goes into making a record, but to be able to keep a personal touch over all of it was really great for us and we hope it shows when people pick it up.

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