Behind The Artworks: Siroll! - Doble O Res (2018)

Siroll! is a metal band formed in the countryside of the center of Catalonia. With the lack of a good metal scene and experienced musicans, it’s quite hard to find band members and keep a good line-up. Since last album we´ve been through four different bass players, we had no gigs and no money but still we kept going
rehearsing and writing music until finally this album was born.

These hard times are reflected in our discography and now we have a new bassist and guitarist that drive two hours for every rehearsal. This is the kind of fully commited members Siroll! need.

The album cover symoblizes our difficulties and struggles. We are not afraid to risk everything to get what we want even if it means to sacrifice getting our fingers burned.

This is not a game for us, we take this more serious than any job. We love it and we HAVE to do it, with the biggest knife. Also our tribute to the metal with the sign of the horns and by the blood.

Album cover was made by graphic designer and illustrator Xavier Minguell. He really captured the brutality and the feelings of the song, aswell giving it a bit of personal touch.

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