Track By Tracks: Deathtura - Division (2018)


This song is the opening track because it’s a hymn, a call for change. Who knows really what’s hapenning to him ? Education, indoctrination, the intellectual weakness that we offer too easily to the youth who is tomorrow’s future.

The “Purgatory of our future” is exactly the term, the message we wanted to convey. Everyone knows it, everyone sees it, but nobody contradicts it.

Today, on a school desk, are we really working on our children’s future ? Or are we only making good potential investisors, workers and dedicated citizens who always stay in the ranks without flinching? The “benefits” of the good society are so attractive that the health and the life are slowly becoming less important for everyone. This song is a scream, trying people to open their eyes and coming back more stronger.


This song is dedicated to everyone who did regrettable things. Have you ever wondered how to live with something heavy on the conscience? 

That man, narrating his fault is questioning everything around him. He is trying to live, but always hears that voice in his head wich remember all his acts at every time. People give him a look that makes him lose all his desire to react. Guilt, yes!, that’s the theme of this song! Help me to confide ... It’s call!


Burn the pages of a book, they will never come back ...You've heard that phrase, this turn. This sums up the mood of this song.

You do not have time, and you can not escape it. Being on the alert all the time, Get up, eat, build, destroy, kill the time…. and re-do again ...

If you are too crushed by your world, you lose the notion of what is around you. It's undeniable. We can dream what it could be if we had the "balls" to stand alone against all and scream ... But here is the whole question and at the same time the answer of this piece, this clip ... Is it really possible to open your eyes and feel the strength to accomplish the fantasies of nocturnal thoughts? Maybe that life does not exist, or just in the dreams of a man who is too busy to be snarling.

4. FURY:

The hymn to the strength that everyone has in itself. We chose to image this in a war context because these words are powerful, they mark.

We firmly believe that the weakest are well stronger than we want to believe. A defeated man has nothing to lose, he is dangerous! A furious man is worth 10. We were inspired by these elements to pass this message. Deathtura is united, we are brothers in arms and we claim it.


Everything is in the title, it's the drift of the broken man’s, damaged man’s and left for account. Many are misunderstood and do not seek to be.

They believe that sins with which they are accused must be made false by those who have provoked. They seek to serve a moral sentence, the price is loneliness. It's all about knowing that guilt can make you guilty.

It does not matter what you did or did not do. If you did something wrong somewhere in your life, you will have to pay the price at another time. If you do not face your actions, then karma will make you pay the price, until you open your eyes to the evil that you could have done.


"Threats" It's a word we do not like too much ...

It's a bit the case for everything. Here we talk about very simple things in life. Accept things when they come. Some might hurt you....but sometimes even tears can make you strong ... this is usually the case.

We can not say we live what we want at the moment present, who can actually say that? But in a sense, we spend most of our time, you, me, us, to kill what is harming us to move a little further without really knowing if this is the right path. Is it about a separation? Maybe ...


We are here in a perfect configuration to believe in an excessive madness. Whoever wants to speak, is persuaded to be locked in a body with others people and feels the urge to leave, go out because he feels looked, stared ... If he stays where he is, he thinks he will never feel any more. Trapped by himself, he is nevertheless sure of something ... He is not human.


This is an unfortunate subject. It is a bit violent, but we tried to be impartial about it. We firmly believe that we live in a society that has big problems of respect and superiority of men towards women.

A state of mind, whatever it may be, must never lead to any form of abuse or violence. When a woman is diminished, assaulted, abused ... it is very difficult for her to speak about it, precisely because of prejudices, hasty and unfounded judgments that may result.

The "sick" man who rapes or who abuses the woman, in general, does not feel guilty and blames it on the "Weakness of men", Sex! He will always say that the woman has been looking for him or wearing provocative clothes. But then? where is freedom? The woman is not free? This text describes the man who takes his fault and who admits it but who despite this, affirms that it is a sin of the woman and that he wishes to confess for them all ... because he always has several to his credit.


The influence of "bad" media. We could summarize it like that. From brainwashing to the point that we are no longer able to see who we are. We go into a certain madness, we start so far from we do not know how to return.

"I'm sick of being you" Is the word of consciousness speaking to the person influenced by its screens. He absorbs too many informations, he believes too much to these wrong informations, and he doesnt really use his own mind to think ... And what he believes is that he thinks he knows everything!

He destroys the memories he has of his values ​​to anchor others. Values artificial and tasteless in which he finds a certain taste.


In the shoes of a soldier in the midst of a confilct, finding himself vulnerable and alone in the middle of the battlefield . "Be in sight", uncovered with a bullet in the magazine, without feeling pity nor empathy, he is ready to shoot down anyone who might question his survival. I do not think, despite everything, that it is really possible to put oneself in the place of a man who lives these moments.

This piece was thought to remind that whatever happens during events like that, It changes a man forever. Even though he survived, some from him remains in the sand, the earth, the feverish glances ...

11. THE KID:

A nod to the famous story "the kid" ... We conclude the album with this piece because we wanted to ask things calmly to the western way. What is important to us is an end that shows a beginning. It was important to us to make this track, cause we feel a soul in this story, a certain smell of truth and sincerity. After the calm, often follows the storm and we do not intend to stop there ...

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