Track By Tracks: MEMOREMAINS - Turn (2018)

When "Time is running out" was written we already knew that this song will be the song which one we will film a music video. It's catchy melodies hit's right away to the listener and the energy stays till the end. Time is running out is about when you can't say no to the different things and you push yourself too hard. It can also be understood how you have a lot of potential inside of you, and you need to show it to the world. Before time is running out. 

"Serpent" symbolizes a snake that slithers to the mind of the person, bringing bad blood. In this case prejudices and doubts. After obtaining the title, song´s project name "Louder" was decided to be the name of our EP. The lyrics of the song were worked exceptionally together. It was felt that the song could be connected to us all. Serpent tells about the pursuit of dreams and the battle of reaching those.

For a long time ''Hold Me'' was just a demo that was few times nominated to be our song. After final arrangements it found a place from the Louder EP. ''Hold Me'' tells a story about broken human, who would like to go with the feelings but can't do it because of the deficient strength.

First ''Louder'' EP was meant to include only three songs. At the last moment it was decided to take acoustic guitar composition as a fourth song. ''Dreaming'' was arranged and recorded in a short time. It found its own place as a final song from the EP. Dreaming is a song about love and constraints. It's about when you're falling in love when the time or place is not right or others don't accept it.

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