Track By Tracks: Project Infinity - Universe (2018)

"Universe" are my best lyrics. Since childhood I have been interested in space and have fantasized a lot about the first space travels. Someday the first people will go to colonize new planets.  in a place that does not seem anywhere else, where a person is just a guest, just an enemy, just a victim. The desires of people are much stronger than any poison and much more dangerous than any disease.

The text of the song "Native Planet" I wrote after Donald Trump decided to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. 40% of people in the world die due to environmental pollution. Deforestation.. Emissions to the atmosphere .. Many people are completely mired in their work, their entertainment, and they see nothing. Although it is time to open our eyes and see that our house is about to collapse. And no one should blame it, except for each of us. Save the earth!

The text of the song "Drifters" I wrote because the war in the east of Ukraine took my home away from me. And my generation is forced to start life from scratch in other places ...

The rest of songs are related to space. This is our universe in our heads, which we transmit through music.

Oleg (guitarist): Music creation began on the song "Memories". The song was born from the idea to come up with something emotional, exciting but powerful in nature. all music was thought out consciously and with a clear idea of what should happen in the end, then almost simultaneously the songs Universe and Revival were created. The main idea of creating these compositions was high-speed arpeggios that pass through breakdowns and riffs creating a sense of vacuum. Drifters, native planet, stars, dreadnpught, were invented more with an emphasis on melody and contrast of calm losses and powerful riffs and breakdowns. the latter was created Storm echo. This composition is notable for the fact that there are a lot of modulations with tonality to tonality mixed with the Phrygian Mode.

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