Track By Tracks: QUITTERS - Better Off Dead (2018)

1. My Own Worst Enemy: 

The meaning of this song is that the real difficulty is not the problem but the way the person manages the problem. You can be disenchanted, frustrated, lost, hopeless but at the same time realize that there are so many positive things in this world. It's all about choice, about making the decision to pursue these things as long as you can. 

2. Better Off Dead:

This song is about the importance of having a passion and the difficulty of finding a balance between your life and that passion. A passion can help to digest emotions but can interfere with personal and professional life. 

3. Letter To Forgotten Friends:

Time uses, even in friendship, we lose sight of each other, the paths of life are different. Hence the importance of memories. It is an optimistic song despite everything because all these past moments are unforgettable and make us live in the present as we are. In a way, we must be happy to be able to look back on our past and especially our youth with emotion. 

4. Burn Your House Down:

Many questions weigh on us, many looks, words, actions of other people can disarm us. It's just a matter of doing with these daily weights. 

5. Biting The Dust:

These words deal with the feeling of "routine", to feel like a mouse running around without any goal in circles on a wheel. Work all week long, weekend parties, the same bars, the same people etc. All this speaks of an internal struggle between these habits that we take and that make us dead and our constant need to feel alive by being out of the ordinary.


These are the first songs composed with Romain on drums. They were made between Montpellier and Grenoble. 

Rom living 300 km from Antho, Jerem and Dookie, the exercise was to ping-pong the songs without ever repeating until a satisfactory result was achieved. 
The ep was recorded in June 2018 with RomTom Cat and is called Singing Like Nobody's Listening.

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