Track By Tracks: Sectorial - V:Y:R (2018)

1. The opening track for the entire album, sets the mood and atmosphere for perception, dedicated to The One, WHO from the depths of the ages observes the flow of life…

2. Every spring the Life begins a new circle, a new cycle, breaking away from the cold and dark hugs of Winter Night, while the last white rags of the old pale winter disappear under the first drops of spring rain.

3. Living your life in captivity of illusions and expectations of someone other than yourself is a vain thing, although it’s so pleasant and carefree. The promises of people around us often remain just promises.

4. Race for ghastly blessings and recognition, without feeling solid confidence under their feet is the way to nowhere.

5. Among the green spaces of the elderly valleys, walking through narrow paths between the majestic Mountains, where you want to breathe in full breasts, you feel the brightest taste of Life.

6. An ordinary talking to the old and close to one's heart Friend.

7. We are the grain that weaves in the Time Millstone.

8. Birth of a new day on the banks of the Enchanted Desna, while space is free of thoughts and words.

9. The largest and most powerful Empires splash into dust, think of it now, because tomorrow may be too late.

10. An instrumental track about love for endless space and blowing of the wind into your face.

11. There are places and people to whom threads of memories are drawn from us, and sooner or later we come back to them again and again.

12. In difficult times, some of us have to make a difficult choice, and we must not forget who and what is the cause of these difficult times. Memory is a reliable ally in this case.

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