Track By Tracks: Tragodia - Before The Fall (2018)

‘Before the fall’ is, like our previous albums, the result of every member’s background, but this time the big difference is in the approach we had to songwriting.

Already before the songs were composed, we started to work on the sound we wanted to achieve with this album; this allowed us, during the songwriting process, to bring the songs to an end that fits with the usual Tragodia sound, but projected in a different sound dimension unlike the past.

1. The untrodden road:

The first track is always very significant for an album; from the very beginning we felt that this song would accomplish this task greatly. Catchy, melodic and with a powerful rhythmic section: there’s more than enough for The untrodden road to be the opening track.

2. Master of the loss:

Easy to reach but not trivial, this song was chosen as the first single as it presents some of the features that make this album different from the previous ones; a chorus to shout loudly to held up by a riff that screams in your head; the perfect I.D.

3. Veils of grey:

From now on, the listener doesn’t know what will happen next. Veils of grey is a short song, not too difficult to listen to: its structure is simple, while its rhythm is catchy. What is different here, is the atmosphere.

4. The fifth season:

This song represents our need to tell the grandeur and madness of man; it could be an extraordinary undertaking or a powerful literary work. You will listen to the sound of strength, courage, hope, desperation and pain, as you move along a starry path and find your way through ancient walls…

5. Adrift:

Sharp, refined, yet rude and with a rousing groove. This is Adrift: try to get it out of your mind!

6. Of dark suns and dying stars:

Of dark suns and dying stars is an introduction to the title-track; the melodies and the atmospheres of the title-track are here introduced and presented in an orchestral song that works as a sort of countdown leading to the title-track. With this one we wanted to sit the listener on a comfortable armchair, give him the chance to catch his breath and close their eyes and get ready for the truths of…

7. Before the fall:

Before the fall is the detail that goes unnoticed, the one that makes the puzzle complete. Every song we made, every influence we bring to the table, every year the band has been active… all this is brought to life in this song. It’s what we were, what we are, and a view on what we can become; this is the reason it was chosen as the title-track.

8. Star-driven:

From arid lands to uncharted spaces, a journey that skips the take-off phase and at top acceleration pushes you towards your dreams and fears, but most of all, sends you on voyage towards the fascinating and inscrutable unknown.

9. The forgery:

The title is crystal-clear; deception and lies are the main ingredients for a symphonic and theatrical song which brushes the paint with light and dark colors in a strong contrast. No compromise.

10. The house by the grove:

The swansong of Before the Fall ... We hope this song makes its voice heard, makes you tremble and hold your breath, and then warms you up and gets you excited like we all were with this tune. The song says: “… you’ve come a long way to be here…” but it’s not about a goal or an end; ‘here’ is the starting point for a new beginning.

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