Behind The Artworks: Bless The Dead - The Boars Nest (2018)

All the tracks on the album have meaning and purpose. It represents a lot of different styles.  We are very happy about both of those statements. It’s an album about how influences and personal fixes can make you do good and bad things. There are results to every move we make in life. There are no filler tracks On ‘The Boars Nest’.  Energy but groove run through the veins of this album. Vocally we have figured out from speaking with close family to the band and within ourselves that everyone can get there own feeling and story of the tracks. That’s something that we think is cool when listening to music ourselves. It also has melodic but harsh vocals at times. You will be singing along and then get kicked in the nuts all within a second. Drum wise the album grooves from start to finish. The drum tracks are pulled back just enough at times to let the axes work and shine. It just happened that way. Therefore the album is wide open for lead licks and you get them in every track. You can tell that the guys are having a good time playing there instruments from start to finish. 

1. Couple of lines about artwork / CD cover / who did it / main idea behind it.

We got turned on to a guy from our management named Diego Gedoz De Souza. Definitely look this guy up. His artwork is amazing. He has done artwork for Hatebreed, Crowbar, and Fear Factory to name a few. The detail this guy puts in his artwork is outstanding. The artwork has a lot of different feels. We all run at times in our life with our eyes closed. It represents influences of people in the world, how we all want to fly away or get more out of life at times because of decisions made, to finally breaking and taking a stand on whatever situation is in front of us. 

2. Any interesting facts on «making of», album stories / insides / behind scenes. (optional)

Only thing we can say is that these tracks sat for a while before being recorded. There were changes in the band that helped get them to the forefront to even be recorded. We feel they turned out nicely but also know that the next album which is already half written is gonna carry this one to another level. With that being said it will be a while for that of course as we have to push this one as much as possible for the time being. 

3. Credits / info on collaborations / guesting artist.

We want to thank everyone that has put effort in this project. Jason wade (Wade Audio) who recorded the album. Ish Laos for backing us media wise in anyway possible from artwork, video production, and advertising.  You are the 6th member of the band. Our management, Distilled entertainment on the direction of our band/business. Our label, Sliptrick records for the opportunity and agreement. Our families for giving us support and the time to do this day in and day out, and especially our fan base that supports us by comes out to the shows, buying merch, and BUYING THIS ALBUM! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT. 

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