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Behind The Artworks: Dayglo Mourning/Bludy Gyres - Rope Enough For Tow (Split) (2018)

The artwork for ‘Rope Enough for Two’ was created by Vaclav Trajer. The story behind the artwork is grim as the sound of the DayGlo Mourning and Bludy Gyres. We see the arrogant bishop's officer with a signed letter. With the letter, the malicious and corrupt church dignitary orders the two disfigured children to be taken away from their poor old caregiver so they could from now on serve for amusement of the noble in his collection of freaks and cripples. The crone knows that from the bishop no mercy can be expected, so she is begging the lord himself, but the lord’s answer is apparent: Its inevitable that her beloved two will be tied up and dragged away with the rope and the lady herself can thank gods if she saves at least her own miserable skin. The LP has a back cover that further illustrates the situation. In older times and maybe even now, some poor and starving people may disfigure their children during their growth so they could later sell them like amusing clowns to a wicked emperor. Yes, there’s always Rope Enough for Two. 

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