Behind The Artworks: Jonah The Runner - Cardinal Park (2018)

After we decided on naming the EP after our title track "Cardinal Park" the question soon became how to best represent the mood of the EP as well as syncing up with the EP name. I knew I wanted there to be some of a resemblance to our last EP, especially as an avid animal lover, so it seemed best to go the route of having another animal covered EP. The main difference between the art from Cardinal Park and our first EP Distances was the artist we used. Back when we first formed the band money was tight, with that in mind I basically used the first person on instagram that had art I liked that would give me free permission to use just for the publicity. When Cardinal Park came about, we had a bit more money to spare, so we went to HalfJaw graphic designs. The art takes a lot of influence from some of the band Copeland's album art. We still wanted to keep things unique, but ultimately the album art from "Beneath Medicine Tree" is what gave the inspiration behind our own Cardinal Park.

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