Behind The Artworks: RAVENFACE - Breathe Again (2018)

The artwork came together in a very organic way & there were no set boundaries on what is should or shouldn't be. 

We initially decided that the band name should be re-worked into a simple 'R' logo and to have a minimal, shape-based image surrounding that - nothing too "metal" was our main criteria! Leah began re-working the logo and when it got to an acceptable stage, we sent it over the the talented Liam Hesslewood of Neshiima to clean it up and design the surrounding image. 

The process was fairly painless (for us at least!) and within a few e-mails back and forwards he had nailed what the band was looking for! (it actually ended up looking like the next natural step from the Divided Kingdom cover, which was completely unintentional!)

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