Behind The Artworks: Unendlich - Misanthropic Sedition (2018)

The EP cover is a companion piece for the LP album cover. Both pieces were completed around the same time by Misanthropic-Art. The art portrays the concept of the fear of death and how people feel helpless when confronted with it or the thought of it – literally and figuratively drowning at sea in a futile struggle against the greater force of death.  The EP image is a close up of a subject from the LP who has already fallen below the water. One drowning victim uses another for leverage and brings him down as a result.  My feeling is that death is an inevitable part of life and a lot of people tend to avoid discussing the topic, especially outside of metal or darker music genres. ”Thanatophobia” is an extreme fear of and obsession with death. Though the theme of the album is morbid, the title track concludes that although death is the stronger force, life is finite so don’t waste it.  In short, Memento mori “remember that you will die,” and let this guide living life to the fullest potential.

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