Track By Tracks: Cloudburst - Cloudburst (2018)

01. Strange Acrobat:

This is very different with our first album when we started it with collective noise screaming "Invitation to Snuff Film". After that, we wants to try different thing. Right now, it starts right away.

I remember when I first heard "Disintegration" and listen to Robert Smith. He did not sing, he spoke, it is almost sounds like he reciting a poetry alongside the music. This track is all about that. Fast paced and crushing smash musics with spoken word on top of it. Acrobatics is most often associated with activities that make extensive use of extraordinary human, but this one is strange because the human is just an ordinary human being, put it in the extraordinary situation, and he enjoys every seconds of it. 

"One of the hordes twisted my bones the others reached my foot ahh the usual stretching as they shuffle my parts I count half seconds, milliseconds, microseconds whatever, i should does not waste this good suffering this is good feeling. this is comfortable this is sexual".

02. Crimson Mask:

This is Botch tribute from the start. Only this time Dave Knudson smoked crack before he record the guitar and Dave Verellen tracked his vocals on mental asylum. 

People may thinks that this song is about shooting some good shit.

"I peel back my hands to you oh yes yes i do Spoon and needle, red and black just like my dear blackest night, true" 

Maybe yes, maybe not. All I know is we are getting high everyday, with all these fucked up world problems. Crimson Mask is a wrestling term to describe a wrestler's face being covered in his own blood. Things that happen everyday, not only on the ring, we covered by blood of our own - human race.

03. Tornado:

This song is about overpopulation and decreasing sources of food from the environment, about machinery and technology destroying the planet, destruction of our oceans, about how bad humans were.

"Addicted to death, Enslaved to war, I Want More"

04. Eternal Gunfight:

Father Jim Jones speech started this song. I'm not a religious person at all, but his sermon makes goddamn sense.

"Living is much much more difficult. Rising up every morning and not knowing what's night bringing is much much more difficult".

When I wrote the lyrics for this song, I imagine what it feels like to be living inside a warzone for so long. You don't know when death is gonna greet you. Your brother died. Your mother got raped. But then I realize that world is a warzone itself, only the bullet is an idea and the AK-47 is human mouth.

"You feel sorry for yourselves, you wallow in your self-pity, and then you have to face the facts you might as well go ahead and admit it, you might as well own up to the philosophy, for some of you, and that is that - Life sucks, and then you die!".

I have to put Vince McMahon sample on this, because it is the speech that people need to hear that LIFE IS NOT FAIR, period.

05. Oral Staircase:

Just to even out this depressing and fucked up album. A collection of acoustic guitars sounds like light at the end of the tunnel, only the light is actually a freight train coming out your way.

06. Personal Golgotha:

This song is actually a sequel from our first album "Corpse of the Optimist".

Depeche Mode said everyone has their own personal Jesus. Someone to hear their prayers. Someone who care. Ironic that someone that hear their prayers is someone who got tortured and crucified outside of Jerusalem.

Not everyone has personal jesus, but everyone has their own Personal Golgotha.

07. Human Origami:

I am a big Tom Waits and Scott Walker fan (The Drift is one of the best albums ever). I always want to impersonate Waits deep vocal and Walker opera vowels, but my voice is never good enough. So this is my attempt.

Lyrically, it is inspired by Junji Ito and Hideo Yamamoto manga works. We try to channel or transform those graphic pictures into our song. "We are all perfect for shotgun explosions. We are all the ideal candidate to dead by abortion."

08/09. First Cry/Final Cry:

The last track is about the beginning and the end. We are crying when we were born, and our relatives cry when we are dead. Just like Shakespearean tragedy "constant doom, for me for you laugh now cry now - flesh and bone"

This life is just about a constant doom. It is always end with death. So laugh now and cry now, take your time. We ended this album with a drum solo that ended abruptly to emulate human's last heartbeat.

Life begins with death. The moment when you realize death is coming, that's when you start living.

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