Track By Tracks: Of Hatred Spawn - Of Hatred Spawn (2018)

1. Overture:  

Overture is the name of the classical composition which serves as an intro to the album, of which all songs share common themes and perspective, these themes being a demonic being or entities poetic monologues about the conquering of the plane of existence it exists within. it is somewhat of a concept album which exists within the fictional Hyborean age created by Robert E. Howard. 

2. Global Dehumanization: 

The first real song features a fast modern thrash gallop feel as its main thematic musical movement and is highly aggressive lyrically and sonically. It’s mainly blast beat drumming throughout but the song ends with a very down beat heavy groove which should get heads banging. The main lyrical concept is an army of enslaved bastard sons born all of the same tyrannical father. 

3. Nest of Vipers:

Track 3 is a very groove based song which contains lots of lyrics. it describes a reptilian blood orgy, the kind that would take place for the warlord father who’s perspective ‘global dehumanization’ is written ins children to be conceived as a result of. They are the followers of Set, the snake god.

4. Severed Limb Convulsion: 

This track is as technical as things get on this album when it comes to song structure and performance. It has many time signature changes and ends with a down beat heavy tempo shift as well, it also features a guitar solo. This song perhaps best showcases all aspects of the band. Lyrically the song describes demonic mechanical beasts created in service of Set amputating rebelling soldiers’ limbs in a battle. 

5. Plaga:

Like the previous song features a time spanning lyrical theme which illustrates the influence of Set’s evil into modern day futuristic science, the creation of biological and chemical weapons and hints at such real world events such as project paperclip when German Nazi scientists were secretly brought to the United States to work for the American government. It is the longest song on the album and possibly has the most progressive song structure complete with a mid-song tempo drop that jumps back to the original BPM to wrap it up. 

6. Nocturnal Swarm:

This song is written in the perspective of a dark elf warlord from the mythological Norse realm of Svartlfheim, the realm of darkness, on a quest to possess a source of power known as the aether to return the world as we know it to the dark ages. this track is without a doubt the most thrash metal influenced and showcases lots of double kick and a guitar lead. 

7. God of Wrath:

God of wrath is a song about Thoth Amon who is a Stygian sorcerer subscribed to the ideals of Set the snake gods religion, it also draws influence from and describes the biblical story of nimrod and the towers of Babylon in a unique amalgamation of Robert E. Howard’s Hyborean age and the Christian bible, suggesting that Thoth Amon and Nimrod are the same or rather are possessed by the same entity, one that in Hyborean fiction is referred to as Set but in real world is referred to as Satan. On the map of the Hyborean age Stygia is where Egypt is in our world, so it is only fitting that some of this song is written in the Middle Eastern sounding double harmonic scale.

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