Track By Tracks: Unendlich - Misanthropic Sedition (2018)

The EP has two new tracks and two re-recorded from the previous albums so it is a bit split, thematically. Regardless of external themes or potential concepts I work with, I tend to form lyrics based on my life and internal thoughts. The track "Misanthropic Sedition” covers the concept that humanity’s consciousnesses a mistake of evolution and in conflict with Nature’s order and that, based on this conclusion, one would incite destruction of humanity.  “Already Dead” and “Transparent Man” share a theme of an individual reaching their end. Where “Already Dead” reaches it via acceptance of the lack of hope, “Transparent Man” chooses to blame the world and exact revenge. Finally, “Catalyst of Creation” is a song about rebellion and destruction as a means of progress. That in order for things to evolve, they need to reach chaotic state). It removes the moral code of good or bad and looks at the whole.

As for the covers, I normally try to approach a cover with something I can add to the song or make it my own. For “The Figurehead” it is a song off of The Cure’s album “Pornography” that is extremely dark and depressive and invokes a deep feeling of despair in me. The song always stuck out to me and I thought the drumming was fairly creative. Most people know The Cure more for their pop hits, but the album “Pornography” could easily be black metal if executed slightly differently. Thematically it is up there with some of the best DSBM. Also, I recently discovered Taake did a cover of “Cold” from the “Pornography” album and local hardcore DC band, Damnation A.D., did the whole “Pornography” album so think I am not alone in feeling the weight of this album. 

As for the Dissection cover, I love the band but my drummer really was the catalyst for that.

He wanted to cover “Where Dead Angels Lie” as it is one of his favorite Dissection songs but the previous band he was in wasn’t interested. Since I was planning to do The Cure cover for the EP, I felt it would be a great song to cover to pay homage to Dissection.

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