Behind The Artworks: BURY THE TRAITOR - Ascend To Clarity (2019)

As a band we wanted to make sure the artwork for the new EP would give a visual representation of its sound. There are some fairly heavy hitting themes on Ascend To Clarity – a large portion of the EP focuses around overcoming personal hardships and psychological traumas – we knew the artwork had to represent these struggles, but also have an element of resolution and triumph over them.

We decided to reference the artwork from our first EP Anchored, which depicted a figure being dragged to the bottom of the sea, but this time flip the message on its head – If you believe in yourself then you can overcome anything – It seemed only fitting to depict a figure rising from the ashes to signify this and felt like a natural progression as a band.

The idea for the ruined city scape followed quickly after this. It is a physical manifestation of the adversity depicted in Ascend To Clarity, and gives scale to the challenge one can face when staring down their inner demons. The EP name itself aims to acknowledge the immense strength it takes to rise above difficulty and come out stronger.

We contacted Patrick “Patch” Pinion of Carcer City as we knew he was also a great artist and had worked with some really cool bands. He took away our ideas and exceeded all our expectations, it was exactly what we had invisioned and really encompasses the concepts within Ascend To Clarity. 

We have been sitting on this EP for nearly a year now so it feels like a long time coming and we cannot wait to release it!

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