Behind The Artworks: FERAL LIGHT - Fear Rides A Shadpw (2019)

Rosario from Unexpected Specter has been gracious enough to create and produce the artwork for this release as well as for our previous album. What we really appreciate is that Unexpected Specter takes influence from the lyrical content directly into the creation of the imagery. This means it can give a visual medium to our cathartic outlet that we would not be able to produce on our own. All hand drawn- no stock images, all specifically curated.

Fear Rides a Shadow is mostly introspective, (light vs. dark, spirituality in an esoteric kind of way) lyrically speaking. This is true for the previous album as well, but there is more of an allusion to growth with Fear Rides a Shadow.

Concerning the album cover, the hands with the exposed muscular and skeletal structure represent a rawness as well as an openness to vulnerability; embracing the grey and subjectiveness of well, everything. The bone with the beetle is meant to show a life/death cycle. One feeding- and one off of the other, or even one needing the other to co-exist.

The insert contains a silhouette-style, profile view of a head with a vascular system running throughout with larvae at its center. This represents a birth of the new. We prefer going the route of imagery, allusion, and putting physical metaphor to feeling as opposed to the explicit or direct. In a way it can create a whole new lyrical pallette. Direct descriptors cannot always convey and ekoke the proper emotion.

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