Behind The Artworks: ORO - Djupets Kall (2019)

As a band we've allways dwelled in the murky, gloomy aspects of what it means to be alive, and for our debut album we wanted to capture the feeling of being drawn to the deepest, darkest places, both mentally and physically. Hence the album title “Djupets kall” (The call from the deep).

We found this very talented illustrator via facebook called Jonathan Bark, and we started to discuss the artwork with him. We went through tons of existing artworks of albums and bands we love to find the right look and feel that we wanted for our cover. We knew from the start that we wanted something that looked hand drawn and painted, not too photo realistic and digital. And Jonathan was the perfect guy to deliver that! He made about a hundred different sketches for us to consider and after a lot of work and tweaks perfection was achieved.

I'm very happy about how it turned out. The idea is this humanoid creature who have been drawn to a cave deep inside the earh, far from sunlight. Not against his will, but not entirely voluntairy either. The impenetrable darkness calls upon him and demands his submission and as he surrenders to its will, starring into the black stream, it consumes and dissolves him with a bitter sweet satisfaction. That is the feeling we want to awaken in the innermost essence of the listener.
So get ready to obey the call from the deep on March 1!

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