Behind The Tracks: Carnographer - Godless Insemination (Single) (2018)

The instrumentation was composed by drummer Spencer with intended implementation in a previous band in which Spencer & Scotty were co-guitarists though that group disbanded before the piece could be fully realized.  It incorporates compositional influences from various slamming BDM sources as well as Terrance Hobbs' work in Suffocation.  The lyrical title & concept for "Godless Insemination" was conceived in response to the film "Don't Breathe", specifically the scene wherein the male antagonist has the female protagonist chained to the ceiling with the intent of impregnating her using a turkey baster filled with his own semen & utters the line "There is nothing a man cannot do once he accepts the fact that there is no god".  The piece is thus an extended metaphor for & reference to involuntary artificial insemination perpetrated with antitheist purpose.  It philosophically explores the dubious notion suggested in the scene & apparently espoused by much of humanity that establishment of a basis for moral behavior requires divine edict without which one's conduct would not be subject to restraint on ethical grounds.

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