Track By Tracks: Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy - The Lord Ov Shadows (2019)

The Lord Ov Shadows is the story of the person who becomes the Lord Ov Shadows. Shadows represent the dark side of the inner self. To become the Lord Ov Shadows, you must face with your inner self. Fight with the fear. Do not avoid. Everything is in your mind. Then you can be the Lord Ov Shadows. This is the message from the Lord Ov Shadows who rules the world in Dark mirror.

Chapter I. Creation of the Alter Self is the overture of our inner darkness that came out to the world when we were born.

Chapter II. Possession The protagonist faces the shadow, the incarnation ov her innate identity, and is conquered by it.

In Chapter III. The Annunciation in Lust: The protagonist finally accepts the shadow and bears The Lord Ov Shadows.

Chapter IV. Acquainted with the Nocturnal Devastation, The Aria describes the birth ov The Lord Ov Shadows.

Chapter V. I am the Lord Ov Shadows illustrates the process in which The Lord Ov Shadows kills the angels reflecting his weakness and thereby becomes The True Lord Ov Shadows.

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