Track By Tracks: DEATH TRIBE - Beyond Pain And Pleasure: A Desert Experiment (2019)

As the title explains, Death Tribe tracks take you through the painful  experience of this war child who was brought up amongst dead neighbours  and relatives, tagged under a religious stigma, marked by political  corruption and condemned to live a life with these prejudice realities.  I was torn to pieces and had two choices, to look down and swim in the  gutter eternally or break free and cleanse my mind from all  pre-programmed set of beliefs and ideologies to lead my own path and  give the world a better viewpoint of the world they ignore. It is a pity  how ignorant cultures and civilisations are when it comes to knowing  their own not to mention how far we are from understanding the other.  Yet, we believe in what the media wants us to believe and we take action  upon it. We sponsor wars, scream out slogans, kill in the name of, and  never question our decisions. Some people never and will never realise  the damage they are causing to their children and the world as they are  blinded by fear and they follow the highest bidder like their line of  ancestors did. One can say it is a dog eat dog world and all that  stupidity but it is our duty as metal heads to revolt against the wrong  in this world, shed light on the problems so that we leave this world a  slightly better place than it used to be before our music was released.  The worst kind of all is when you have a talent and you waste it on  ridiculous topics because you are just a sponge bob that got lucky in  the talent department.

1. Hollow:

The opener is a Black n' Roll spit out in the face of weakness just like  humans are spit out of the womb represented by Cain and his ever bowing  head that is drowning in misery, tears and shame. His name is hollowed as he is unworthy of time and oxygen just like his  idols. While yours truly condemns them to be stripped out of hope, born  again from darkness as a black-hearted independent idiosyncratic lord.

2. Beyond Pain and Pleasure:

This song starts off with progressive guitar riffs as the human develops  from childhood to a teenage rebel questioning his set of pre-embedded  ideologies and facing them with truthful questions. "Are you delighted  from others pain?" "Come confess your mortal sins, Sadistic violence the  trademark of kings" and he continues in a black death tormented soul and  goes further to shout out in the face of treason, the treason against  the basic human rights and then madly delivers him with the inescapable  truth that one day:" your judgement day is bound to come when human race  stops bowing to your crown"

3. Implode Explode:

After this intense internal debate, the human mind is damned and falls  into a depression that causes aggression which is expressed in a groovy  bouncing kind of metal riffs from the likes of pantera meets satyricon  spiced up by gojira/strapping young lad approach. It talks about the  human instincts to always put an end to all. If there is war, we want  life and we want an end of all wars and if there is peace we get into a  battle with the self and go to our darkest side and commit suicide and  commit atrocities. Through the process we implode internally and explode  externally.

4. Neurotic Breakdown:

Throughout the human development and if you did not commit suicide  still, the human starts to enter into an internal debate and a conflict  of the soul which breaks him down to the core. This situation is so  complex and hence accompanied by a technical wave of fast death/thrash  guitar riffs that are beyond control and sometimes annoyingly irritating  to cause a visual, lyrical and audible neurosis breakdown. In this  phase, we try to escape reality through the use of substances that  creates this schizoid personality which most of the time wins over the  older version of the self believing things that far from the truth.

5. Psychopathetic:

Every single one of us woke up with a fat hangover weighing on his head  and shoulders but still pulled himself out of bed, got dressed well,  shaved or trimmed or looked their best as they have to present  themselves to an occasion that the world has set for us to be able to  survive and blend in. This is a psychotic behavior that we have all  accepted as we wrap ourselves like a gift to be offered to the world just like the rest of us.

6. Death Blues:

The inevitable truth is that we are built to survive and at a point in  life we develop hope and stare death in the eye and everything seems to  be falling into place. That is why I used clean heavy metal vocals on  this track and adopted a motorhead meets iron maiden kind of bad ass  attitude as I ride my bike on the highway to hell convincing this judas  priest that he is no longer a slave, he is the kind of his own choices  and won't mourn death anymore as he has set himself free.

7. Narcissist Bastard Nation:

After this trip of success and self satisfaction, a bolt of death metal riffs throws you off as this shockwave of realisation that after all the  struggles and experiences, you are a product of the same machine you  hated. You are living the life you never wanted to live, doing what you  said you will never do, sponsoring the warlords and industrial machine  that you never wanted and you are stuck in the middle unable to do  anything about it as you are way too deep into the machine and if you pull yourself out - you are cast out like stray dogs.

8. Nuclear Hate:

So you are hollow, you condemned your idols, you imploded or exploded  and passed through a neurotic breakdown that led you to become a  pathetic psychopath who believes that he conquered the world of this  narcissist bastard nation but then realise that all of it is just a  bunch of hallucinogenic waste. What happens? You build a thrash metal  Nuclear weapon of hate and go ballistic on everything and everyone that  stands in your way. you hate the world, you hate its sphere, make  enemies and you hate their guts until you are nuts.

9. Face the Facts:

This is the last track of this versatile eclectic album which I really  enjoy listening to in one go. It is a revival of what groove metal is  all about. It reminds us to remember that we are all hypnotised, we  should wake up, face the facts and stop the act, we should stop wasting  our uniqueness by copying and pasting a life we were never meant to live  and find our own unique voice.

I hope that made sense to you as it did to me and that you enjoy this  journey of a human who was born millions of miles away but you can still  relate to as we are all fighting our own demons in a very different but  yet so similar way.

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