Track By Tracks: FENRIR - Legends Of The Grail (2019)

1. A Legend Begins:

This intro was recorded with classical instruments (violin, viola, cello, double bass, French horn and trumpet). It leads us from a calm beginning to the strength of the first song.

2. A Red Sun Rises:

This song is about the magical origins of the king Arthur, hidden by Merlin and raised as a simple squire before discovering Excalibur and revealing his true self. It is very typical of our songs, mixing a folk tune played by the violin, mighty riffs and an acoustic part in the middle.

3. Camelot:

Whereas in other songs our lyrics tell the story from the point of view of an outside narrator, in this one the story of the wedding of Arthur is told by her wife, the queen Guinevere. It is a quite simple song, dealing with the joy of the celebration.

4. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight:

This one deals with another knight of the round table, Gawain. The beginning of the song is pure folk music, with two violins, flute and bouzouki, then the metal section appears to emphasize the strong confrontation between the two knights.

5. Conquest of Britain:

This song is heavier, even with the use of both violins and a French horn in the middle : a martial atmosphere is created to evoke the battles of Arthur’s army to unite the island of Britain and the final victory.

6. The Fisher King:

This one is linked with the artwork of the album cover. It takes as its subject the story of Perceval, discovering the holy Grail in the castle of the Fisher King. For this song the vocals are quite varied with the verses, sung with a calm and gentle voice, and the chorus, with lyrical singing and male backing vocals.

7. Brocéliande:

It is the instrumental of the album. The beginning is almost Irish-styled with the two violins, but then it becomes more vigorous.

8. The Son of Pendragon:

Maybe the heaviest song of the album. We come back to the story of Arthur, with deep voice in the verses and a brilliant guitar solo.

9. La Dame du Lac:

The originality of this song lies in the lyrics in Old French, taken from a medieval novel, Lancelot du Lac. It is also a song in which we decided to add some harsh male vocals for more impact.

10. Morgane:

A second song in Old French, focusing on the ambivalent character of Morgan, Arthur’s half- sister. It is a duet with the great singer Nyx (former Despair’hate), and the second song of the album where the flute is played.

11. Mordred:

The last song is the most melancholic, it also deals with the end of Arthur’s life, killed by his son Mordred on battlefield. The same turning tune is alternately played by the violin and the guitar, like an obsession, staying in mind.

12. Mists of Avalon:

An acoustic outro in order to finish the album as it has begun, coming back to simplicity, and only a few instruments, disappearing each in turn.

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