Track By Tracks: FERAL LIGHT - Fear Rides A Shadpw (2019)

1. Wake:

We wanted an intro that kind of spoke to the album’s feel overall. We had an idea for what we wanted to do, but this didn’t really come together until we were done tracking for the rest of the record. I had ideas for the guitar parts and demoed them prior, but the lushness of adding the synth and organ was mostly the idea of engineer, Kyle Kaliszewski.

2. Arrow and Beast:

This was actually the first song we had written when we started working on new material. Musically it kind of encompasses the majority of our sound as a whole. Black metal riffs with some hooks, and a passage or two that lets everything breathe a little bit. We thought it was the perfect pace to kickoff the record.

3. Spirit Inanimate:

Probably the most stripped down and raw of the record, with an overall black and roll vibe. Aggressive and straight forward, with a very layered and dense ending passage, looping back into the first riff to bring back the catchiness.

4. Psychic Dirt:

This track was actually written fairly early on as well. From a sound perspective, it is almost a companion track to “Uneven Planes” from The Void/Sanctify record. A fairly dense and atmospheric opening that leads into a back and forth of some faster and more black/bleak passages. The last half then weaves its way in and out of a more layered riffing that builds on itself into the culmination of the closing.

5. Cold Monochrome:

The first riff of this song is probably the most memorable of the record. This track condenses a lot of the elements we like to use and gives it a really tight focus, largely thanks to the drumming and how a single riff resurfaces with different variants. The last two passages in particular spotlight this.

6. Carbonic Dust:

Again showcasing a juxtaposition between riffier black and roll, rock style parts, and more post-metal/black metal leaning riffs. The last two parts play into each other nicely in that regard- a fast, semi-melodic fast passage, winding into a very driving close that twists itself a couple of times throughout.

7. No Refuge, No Reprieve:

After some initial thought, we actually wanted to end the record in a more negative, bleak space- both musically and lyrically. Everything needs a balance to exist, it just so happens that this record ended on this side of things. While melody most certainly still exists in this, it is the most straightforward black metal track. As straightforward as we can write black metal, at least.

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