Track By Tracks: Kheos - Down To Hell (2018)

1. Asphyxia:

A fall into despair, anxiety. This feeling that we have all experienced once, feeling trapped in our human condition, being each placed in small boxes. Asphyxia first evokes the idea of oppression, personified by a woman who is escrowed in our official music video. In that story, she’s tied and chained, and she tries to escape. Once she sights a glimpse of light, she’s brought back to square one, chained and enslaved again. We have to underline that this concrete story can be regarded as an allegory of human oppression to the society. Sometimes we wander in this world without a precise goal, sometimes we want to escape modern slavery, but there is no escape to the jaws of our almighty leaders we are enslaved to serve.

2. Down to hell:

Down To Hell is the most modern metalcore of the EP, with some riffs kind of close to hardcore, post-metalcore music, with djenty influences. This song is groovy and heavy at the same time. Semantically, this song describes the descend of the EP character into abysses of hell, despair, and insanity and depression, with lyrics crying deep emotions of loneliness, sadness, and helplessness and madness. When you read lyrics, “Let me hear the sunrise, and let me touch the sung of the birds” you can easily notice the switching of words between the two parts of the sentences. Another example includes “My perception is full of lies, a world of despair’s swallowing lights”. This kind of writing was intended on purpose to illustrate the loss of reality perception caused by sickness and loneliness, in an attempt to escape to the oppression of sadness, loneliness and the fear to die alone.  Down To Hell is a call for support for those who have already lose their mind in the abysses of loneliness.

3. Self slave:

Self slave brings another milestone to the story of “Down To Hell”, since it keeps on telling the story of how human being can feed his/her own chaos in an attempt to erase it. Semantically, Self Slave depicts the painting of how we could be addicted and appealed to seducing creatures of self-destruction such as addiction (for instance drugs, alcohol misuse, risky behaviors…),  and self/other injuries (rape, violence, self-mutilation…). Instrumentally, the use of oriental samples and melodic scales illustrates a worldwide addiction to suffering that is not only limited to our occidental cultures. In an attempt to erase our inner chaos, pain helps us to feel alive.

4. Plague:

Darkest and most devastating feelings and behaviors of humanity are yelled in Plague, as symptoms of a collective psychosis decompensation. Anchor to reality is raised, and, as a catharsis, insanity and inner chaos rules and deeply disrupts the world. Therefore, this song is regarded as the most violent of our EP, painting raw violence and acrimony to destroy everything till the final earth breath.

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