Track By Tracks: Leach - Hymns For The Hollow (2018)

1. The Untouchables:

First song of the album and it’s a straight forward, no bullshit song. The lyrics covers the topic of feeling held down and not reaching your full potential. Either held down by others words or by the limitations you put on yourself, and the frustration followed by that. The main riff kind is kind of Ramones-ish with open down-picking power chords that works well together with the blasting double kick drum - giving the song a massive sonic ground point. The melody parts found in the chorus, done by guitar and bass, gives the song some space and openness.

2. Free from all:

The party song of the album. Catchy Rock’n’Roll riffs that brings a nice contrast to the half growl singing style. Lyrically it starts out as a glorification of alcohol and drug use, classic party vibe. Throughout the song the lyrics transcends into the more darker field of abuse of the same substances. Finishes off with a lead solo that smells a bit 80’s hair metal!

3. New Low:

Probably the fastest song we’ve ever written with a mosh-friendly chorus. It has more of a hardcore feel to it and reminds people of Raised Fist which I get. It basically only has one riff but it is used in multiple ways and with different paces so I don’t think it’s obvious to people. A political theme of promises that you know from the beginning can’t be fulfilled, or if fulfilled has an even uglier downside.

4. Chapter Two:

An acoustic intro with a melancholic feel that blasts out into this fast paced double kick and intense riffing. It is followed by a needed break and an introduction to the verse-riff, that has more of a groove feel towards it. The lyrics are screamed in a kind of Hatebreed-pattern and I guess the theme is kind of typical Hardcore as well. Basically you’re not really pleased where you are in life and the things you’ve done so far. So it’s an anthem of taking the next step and entering that ”Chapter Two”. The breakdown part in the middle is a reminds us of Panteras ” A new level”.

5. We have it all:

Had the work-title ”TurboHives” ’cause of it’s steady four beat á la ”The Hives” and the guitar melody that reminded us of ”Turbonegro”, lots of Scandinavian influences going on. If we’re called Thrash’n’Roll then this is definitely the ”Roll” parts in this song. Low key verses followed by strong  chanting choruses. The lyrical theme is all in all based on a simple play on words. ”We have it all, we have nothing, we have nothing at all”. The overall lyrical’s based on that theme representing that overall feeling that seems more common these days. People who got their nice jobs, houses with family, really got the life but somehow still seem hollow. Like there’s still something missing, maybe spiritually.

6. Pragmatic Youth:

It’s a song written before the US elections and even before the Brexit votes. So it’s not about the actual voting results and outcome but more about the voting polls before those events and an overall feeling before those events. The name ”Pragmatic Youth” is a contradiction of what is usually the case and the overall consensus of younger people more often being idealistic and revolutionary. The polls of the events showed the contrary. Working title was ReTomb. The main riff reminded us of Refused - Summerholidays vs Punkroutine and the drumbeat in the chorus reminded us of Entombed, again with the Scandinavian influences...

7. Framgångssagan:

The Swedish song Framgångssagan is a 1.22min long lasting kick in the nuts. Name of the song is translated ”The Success Story” and is referring to Sweden in the years after the WWII. Never being part of the war meant a big lap in the aftermath with increase of wealth and welfare. The lyrics are referring to where the real hidden power is. The people behind the politicians holding the puppet strings. Again with a one riff song!

8. End of an Era:

If you tell a lie a thousand times… Repeat certain phrases and standpoints often enough ’til it sticks. Don’t necessarily need to be true but people seem to remember it. Musically it’s a cool mid tempo song with lots of melodies and notes. Nice guitar solo with plenty rock’n’roll feel.

9. The Prey:

The epic song of the album. Some songs comes naturally to ’ya and writes itself over an hour. This didn’t. Needed plenty of work and structure changes. The only song with parts of clean vocals, which I think turned out great. Lyrically it’s more of a question if we’re really as fucked as it seems or if there’s as always people benefitting on our fears. More of a conceptual theme than the actual words.

10. Do it:

A fast one and a real thrash anthem. Starting off with a single riff building up into an inferno of noise. Had the working title ”ExoCore” ’cause the opening riff reminded us of the more frantic Exodus riffs which later turns into a Hardcore chorus riff. Lyrically it’s an homage to S.O.D and their more satiric stuff. Covering the social media hysteria and people you know trying to portray themselves as being someone they’re really not. End of the line: Do it, kill yourself…

11. Hymns for the Hollow:

Had the title which I thought sounded cool. Also had the acousti. Put one and one together, write some lyrics and voilá - we got the song and a great name for the album. Love how the acoustic parts blend with the harsher vocals and the symphonies. Great ending of the album.

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