Track By Tracks: MISSHAPEN - Trascendence (2019)

The first track off our new album “Transcendence” is titled “The Pressures of Time Pt. 1”. This track is purely instrumental and was always intended to open the album and most live performances. It's one of the most melodic tracks out of the 5 and has a strong focus on melody, orchestration and lead guitar.

The second track is “The Pressures of Time Pt. 2”. This is the fastest track on the album and emphasizes vocals as a focal point in the song. The lyrical theme is about the journey and struggles through life and maintains a similar concept throughout the album. Like most songs on the album, this song has a chorus.

“The Swarm” is the third track off the album and is by far the darkest and heaviest song on the album. We used this song to help represent the diversity within the bands writing to not only show songs with strong melodies and choruses but to also show the darker side of the music. The lyrical theme is based on the Castlevania series and has a very dystopian feel to it. The Swarm is saturated in orchestral pieces throughout the song that creates an evil atmosphere.

“Strong Man’s Will” is the fourth track off the album and has the most groove and catchy riffs of the 5. It uses orchestration to help accent the upbeat attitude the song brings. This song is about a man achieving victory during the worst of events through strength, and perseverance. This song has a chorus that is mixed with both clean and harsh vocals and really is the highlight of the song.

The final song of the album is the title track “Transcendence”. This song is filled with ambient clean guitars and orchestration to help strengthen and create melodies. This song is about the thought of life after death and making peace with the end. This is one of the most melodic songs off of the album and has a strong emphasis on lead guitar, bass, and vocals. The chorus is filled with both male and female clean vocals both singing in harmony and backed with harsh vocals emphasizing some of the lyrics. This track took the longest to write and put together but really feel it closes the album off very well.

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