Track By Tracks: NEX - The World Collapses (2019)

The story behind the lyrics for Silence is a common pattern in our daily lives. One is not allowed to be a "stand-alone" personality, go against the masses and patterns surrounding them. There is no place for individuals to share their opinions as they will face omnipresent Hate. 

Hate is what "silenced ones" struggle with on their way to be individuals. Wide Horizon is a breakthrough in life of one. They begin to see wider. They are becoming a God. From now on, there is no Individual, there is a God that rules the masses and set the rules. After all it's a beautiful world ain't it? Going onwards, the future is written by one. It is supervised by a moral dress code and laws written on Ten Tables of Faith. Industrial democracy is an aftermath of what's left after silenced one governance... And then the Circles start to turn repetitively... And then the history repeats...

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