Track By Tracks: PRION - Aberrant Calamity (2019)

1. Fictitious Form of Stability:

Talks about a false delusions of happiness in our lives. We think that we have everything, but not... possibly nothing.

2. Irreversible Ways:

Here we can reflect about how the human maltreat the world, our place. And if we continue in this way, we will have no return.

3. I Remembered to Breathe:

Talk about the relationship of love/hate of a father and son. The death of childhood and lack of understanding about violence from whoever is supposed to love us and take care of us.

4. Unable to Discern: 

When we have a fixed dogma on our minds, we are blind. We can´t choose the right path, we´re condemned. 

5. Over the Asphalt of a New Era:

It´s about how the cities grows after the industrial revolution... more violence, isolation and sadness.

6. I'm Jonah, Sacrifice Me!: 

When the death culminates in spiritual triumph.

7. Pathological Self Destruction:

Today we have some diseases and we have no explanation about the root cause. So, it´s a human auto-destruction?

8. Observed Relativity: 

Basically, is a portrait of the differences that are between our mankind. Miseries, that appears when the sick mind commands. 

9. The Hesse Paradox:

A love story , something difficult to find in death metal lyrics, but we had been using in all our release.

10. Slow Down:

We are into a constant race against the clock, and without a clear finish line. It´s an invitation to decelerate.

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