Behind The Artworks: Deep As Ocean - Hourglass (Single) (2019)

Hourglass is a song about the fear of wasting time. Our life seems like the sand inside the hourglass: it flows down really fast so there is no reason to left unspoken all the good things we got in mind. 

There is no reason to hide all the feelings. Don’t be scared to live every single moment of your life at the top. We got only one life, so let’s break the glass and let the sand fall down. Just fill up this world with everything positive we have. We thanks the guys of “l30artwork” for creating the hourglass design; then we elaborated the final artwork with all the effects by ourself. Alberto, our guitarist, is the mind of our artworks. Hourglass, together with the previuos single “The Sinking Ship”, has something in common in terms of colors, effects and design as well. With the next single that will be out next months, we will make a sort of trilogy. 

If you focus the attention of what’s inside the hourglass, you can see a skull This represents the sandy bottom of our existence: the deathline of ourself. 

We need to break the glass and free ourself.

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