Behind The Artworks: Getaway Van - Getaway Van (2019)

Der: The artwork for our album cover was an idea I had in my head that I wanted someone to create for us. The idea was a really mean looking rat-fink style van, and at the time we had an actual Getaway Van! We used it on mini-tour with local rockers BORT, and in our music video for Grab the Keys. The van was all kinds of ghetto - while crossing through the mountains in BC it overheated and almost made us late for soundcheck at a show. We wanted to do it more justice and create the insanely fast, wildly unsafe, and super loud looking van that would reflect the vibe our music has. So there she is, even in the same red colour! Haha. (Artwork was done by @alfiandikid on Instagram)
Dev: We wanted the artwork to be something simple, but still cool. Something that says “RocknRoll”. As soon as we saw the finished product, I think we were all instantly in love with it.

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