Behind The Artworks: RCKLSS - So Cynical (2019)

‘So Cynical’ is a 6-track record filled with contrasting emotions; from fondness of nostalgia and revelling in the freedom of change, to struggles with mental demons and haunting nightmares.

There were a few of ideas on how the artwork for 'So Cynical' should look. This was the fourth cover designed for us by IceWolf Designs, after singles ‘Helium’, ‘Animals’, ’Tell You’ and ‘Every Time’, so we wanted to keep to the same running theme while conveying the EP’s story and meaning. 

The cover on first sight glows from the bright yellow colour scheme, reflecting the energy of the record, with the logo and EP title taking centre stage. The wall behind the centre of the artwork was an idea taken from the cover of our version of Sia’s ‘Helium’, reflecting the emotional barriers that are so prominent in the lyrics of ‘So Cynical’. 

The surrounding chain-link fence adds to the idea of constraints, completely contrasting the bright yellow that makes up the rest of the cover, and giving the cover a slightly rough and jagged note, with the little ‘easter egg’ of the lyrics being engraved in the links.

The record is all about contrast, and we wanted to the cover to be the same - we’re really grateful to Joe at IceWolf Designs for his efforts, so want to give special thanks to him!

‘So Cynical’ is available on all streaming services now!

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