Behind The Artworks: Stained Blood - Nyctosphere (2019)

"Hi, I’m Narcís, the singer of Stained Blood. I also did the artwork and the lyrics so here’s the whole concept of everything."

The concept of Nyctosphere is Death. All the songs talk about what’s there after dying in a negative way. Its about suffering and tragedy, never finding relief and feeling an eternal guilt or hatred for the past life.

The cover artwork pretends to be a reflection of the music. Recharged and dense. With a cosmic vibe but also creepy and visually intense. The main idea was to make this kind of asteroid corpse thing playing with the title Nycto “sphere”.

A celestial body that represents death and at the same time has an atmospheric vibe with the mountains and smoke frames. In the sphere there are small elements such as an church, a cemetery, faces, eyes, membranous wings, fluids and rotten zones, etc ... elements to appreciate the organic quality of the asteroid and make it into an rotten amalgam.

I also intended to keep the old school metal illustration vibe. A recharged but not very technical drawing, where you can see filthy strokes and the irregular dot work. With that and the absence of color I think it has ended up getting a tone that fits perfect with the music.

The rest of the artwork tries to keep a dark and sober tone with a more minimal approach to the same atmospheric concepts that appear in the cover.

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