Behind The Tracks: Friday´s Spirit - TSTT (2019)

“TSTT” is a track that we wrote a little bit different than the rest of our songs. The most important thing is that we kind of had the topic first, and that made lyric writing much easier. Just to get you guys updated, “TSTT” is centered around a real event that had happened in the Czech- Republic. A man, high on a hallucinatory drug, ran about 15 and a half miles naked through a forested area near the Czech-Polish border, firmly believing that he was a Siberian tiger.

Our former bass player Chris told us that story and we started discussing: What
went through his dead at that time? Why a Siberian tiger? Why naked (wtf)? It was the first time ever that we, together as a band, kind of created the narrative basis that later on turned into “TSTT”.

As for the music, most of the instrumental stuff comes from Phil, our guitarist. He usually works at home, where he pre-records various possible song ideas. Later, when there’s a major song structure, we then work on the song together. Thinking back, it really helped us a lot that the narrative was already developed, so we could really concentrate on creating the right mood, feeling, etc. We are really proud of “TSTT”, and if you are down to check it out, click the link below. By the way “TSTT” stands for “Trans-Siberian Thunder Tiger”.

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