Track By Tracks: Bikinis & Ice Cream - There´s No Finish Line (2019)

About "There's no finish line"

Fourth Bikinis&Icecream autoproduced opus, There's No Finish Line was recorded during 3 studios sessions (4, 3 and 1 day) between november, april 2017,  and august 2018  in the countryside of south of France in a place out of time, by 3 friends spending every minutes of this moments, playing music, laughing, drinking, dreaming, writing, trying, living and having fun. Both recording process and studio sessions are really amazing moments we do love, it's a "Thing that Matter" for us, a precious "second chance" we grab to create and live bright things, a priceless thing we can't live "without you" know, something that feed everyday our "secret thoughts", always amongst us like a "ghost",  where we "Try" to do our best and "Draw The Line" at our future.

Bikinis&Icecream loves you

1. Second Chance:

The goal here was to write a song that musically reflect 2 antagonists feelings : sadness and hope we sometimes go through. A sad but melodic first verse with a melancolic synth atmosphère and indus sample beats, like when you feel alone at the bottom of the hole, suddenly surprised by a very slow bridge... then slowly going groovy on the second verse with the entering of the drums, everything overhung by gloomy but rhythmic lyrics, Like when you feel the sky is becoming brighter. And then a break, like when someone slap you in the face saying "so now wake up its time to grab your second chance !" As a second breath in your life and in this song, leading us into a catchy poppunk chorus and a positive mood and future. It's the main subject of this song :  the duality of this two feelings in life we have to deal with. 

2. Secret Thougth:

This song is about storm. Inside storm. The storm in our head we probably have all encountered once in our life. When thoughts starts to gather in our mind, turning in circle like a twister. Going faster and faster as time goes by and even more when you can't tell anyone about these feelings. Haunted by your secret thoughts, and feeling like you're slowly sinking deeper in an angsty ocean. But fortunately you manage to go through it, by hanging on a good memory, a nice feeling, the idea of a sunny future. Finding your own light in the dark to beat the bottom of the deep hole you fell in and reach the surface again. Step by step, the storm go away... till the next cloudy day.

3. Draw the Line:

It's a very atmospheric song (but with a rock chorus). We can feel undertaken influences by U2 (The Edge huhu) or Angels&Airwaves (Tom3Longe). We wanted to create an aerial vibe. The purpose was to deliver a positive message : everything is possible, you just have to set your goals, decide what you really want, to draw a line between where you are now and where you wanna go, and go ahead, following your instinct. Draw the, line write the end, be the one you have dreamt.

4. I try:

This song is an experiment of how we could possibely mix aerial U2 influences with a catchy punky chorus. It speaks about the necessity to do our best, to try. We have a very short time to live on earth so the less we can do is to try the most we can, not to waste this chance. Doing good things around us, living intensely, being as happy as we can, helping each other, doing great things for all or just for us. Cause if we try, even if we fail, the game is already won.

5. Things that matter:

Life is a strange thing because we usually spend the most part of our time working or doing what we don't really want inside us, thinking or dreaming about what we really care for, instead of living it full time. Maybe we can't always do what we want... maybe good times and precious moments need to be seized and felt intensely, and kept in mind to escape reality when needed. Maybe not. However there are things that really matter in life, things that keeps us alive. And this must be always kept preciously in mind as a life priority. "Live for this moments, cause it's the only thing that matter"...

6. Without you:

Without surprise this song speaks about an ending love story. But finally not so sad because...don't worry baby "I can hold on, without you". Here again the different parts of the song are like the steps of an ending relation and the different feelings we go through during this moments. Melancholic verse with a bit gloomy lyrics and catchy chorus surrounded by positive and hopeful words "I will not sink, life goes on, without you". The particularity of this song is the rocky bridge with looping lyrics that differs a bit from the rest of Bikinis music, and maybe reveal our hidden metal roots influences. "Hush hush can you feel the pressure, am I the only one to trust in the future". One more little experiment. We also loves the very emo break with just guitar and vocals before the last chorus. Anyway...there's something for every taste in this song!

7. The Ghost track:

There's a funny story behind this song. It was late at night during the recording process of this EP when Mat falled asleep on the sofa of the studio. 

A bit drunk, Flo & Jean decided to record a song for fun in the spirit of the strange "Jared Leto like" music that Flo loved at this time. They played, laughed and sang very loud for hours in the studio...but Mat deeply slept all long just in front of the speaker, without a move. We laughed about it a lot the day after. Such a funny moment that totally fit the spirit of Bikinis and was an entire part of the recording process, that we decided to keep it on the EP. Also of course because we found it sounds good and a is really good music experiment (even if bikinis will never turn in an electro soup band.

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