Track By Tracks: Endimion - Latmus (2019)

The album introduces an altern story of the Endimion and Selene myth, represented through its 10 songs, where the main protagonist, condemned to the eternal dream and converted into stone due to the moon goddess’s obsession. Living in nightmares, the protagonist tries to escape from a non-desired destiny. And, after dissolution, he contemplates a divinity dying, before it was entirely vanished. In reference to “Latmus”, the original name of the myth, it is also represented in the front art cover of the album. In the same way, lyrics of the album are narrated, mostly in first person, as Endimion as Selene. Each song represents a story as its own.  As each episode of this alternative narration, the whole represents the complete story, since the protagonist ascends to the Monte Latmus (Ascenso), including the different nightmares of Endimion, the lamentations of Selene, her posterior madness, the destruction of the temple, erected by the goddess, to keep the body converted into stone. Finally, the destruction of everything, conceived as a release and rest (Contemplación).

1. Ascenso (Ascending):

Instrumental song which represents the arrival of Endimion at the Monte Latmus, where he felt asleep, then seen by the moon goddess. As an attempt to avoid losing him, she turns his dream into eternal and becomes his body into stone. In this way, keeping Endimion and give full rein to her darkest wishes.

2. Palabra vacía (Empty Word): 

Selene is doomed to a mortal life, launched to the earth without have broken her curse. She now lays next to the petrified body of Endimion, trying to wake up him. Screaming for help to the gods, she wants her god form back. All these words do not find any answer but rain and wind.

3. Vigilia (Wakefulness): 

Endimion is under sleep paralysis, feeling every action around him but he cannot move a muscle. In his hallucinations, he curses Selene, and imploring to wake up from the nightmares and escape.

4. Espectro (Spectrum):

Main protagonist has a dream where he wakes up. During this dream he contemplates the surroundings, however, he is able to see his own petrified body and Selene building her temple around him. The nightmare turns repetitive and distressing. Endimion remains in a state of semi-consciousness, but he cannot differentiate reality from hallucinations. Desperate, tries to return to his spectrum to the body to escape.

5. Efialtis: (from the Greek Εφιάλτης, Nightmare): 

Both protagonists live trapped in a nightmare where Endimion is able to escape from his Stone prison, looking for how to exit from this twilight. Meanwhile, Selene, believing herself as goddess, prevents him to escape. Instead of that, she plunges him again into the twilight in order to keep him next on her side. The goddess has Endimion’s life in her hands and decides to leave him in an eternal darkness. Endimion wakes up, just to realize he is still in this slumber. He cannot move or react.

6. Wind Arpeggios (Arpegios de viento): 

The wind pass through the cracks in the body stone, producing a dark and deep sound. The sun heats the rock. Endimion feels his body is in flames. He prays for the gods for freedom. However, their calls are not heard. Instead, the gods condemn Selene to feel that suffering too, becoming a mirror of pain of Endimion.

7. Eones de piedra (Eons of stone): 

Centuries have passed and Selene has drawn his wishes in the Stone. Among tears and hopelessness, Selene wonders how much time she has to wait. If she will be remember when Endimion wake up. She evoke the past when she felt she was requited. Meanwhile she cleans up the moss and the marks of time in the stone temple she built as a prison for Endimion.

8. Naos Katára (From the Greek, Κατάρα Ναός, Cursed Temple):

Endimion roams the temple, invokating the nightmare God to safeguard from Selene. He also invocates the Moiras, to cut de Selene thread of life, waiting for being vanished in the air, destroying the prison made of stone.

9. (Selene orgasms):

The madness of Selene motives her to outrage the Stone body, who, aware of his nightmare, tries to scream, wake up and escape. Meanwhile the goddess believes being in a love affair, dedicating words of love to calm him down. Sometimes she makes the contrast with the reality, finding herself in front of a stone. The stone where she must wait. Endimion feels the anguish because he cannot scream, which makes increases the hate and pain. As a consequence, the last dream before his death.

10. Contemplación (Contemplation):  

When he died, Endimion finally achieves leave behind his stone prison. Now, watching from the skies Selene’s body still asleep, the death is now the best escape from a destiny he never choose.

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