Track By Tracks: Forged In Black - Descent Of The Serpent (2019)

1. Seek No Evil:

This one's a full pelt three and a half minute explosion of guitar harmonies, groove and operatic vocals. We feel this is the perfect snapshot of the band and knew it'd be the main single the moment we wrote it.

2. One in the Chamber:

This was the first song that Andy brought to the table when we began the writing sessions for Descent of the Serpent. In contrast to the rapid opener, this one's a grandiose epic which builds to a huge chorus and a rollercoaster middle section. Oh and there's some good sing/growl along opportunities in this one.

3. Shadowscasters:

A doom laden opening which gives way to galloping riffs and groove. We hadn't heard the vocals on this until Stoz recorded them and they were well worth the wait. They gave the song a whole new melodic dimension. 

4. Descent of the Serpent:

A monster of a tune. The combination of Stoz's epic Mayan concept and Andy's pummeling riffs left us with no doubt that this should be the title track of the album.

5. One Last Sign:

I set out to blend some nice melodic hooks with adventurous playing on this one and I'm hoping that comes across. 

6. Palm of Silver:

A creepy carnival inspired organ piece introduces this all out thrasher which ends with a breakdown/solo fade out. We think this one will get the crowd going when we play it live. 

7. Aphelion Tormentor:

Kev came to us with the core of this one. It's got a real blend of heaviness, melody and the first Forged in Black gang vocal. 

8. Vendetta:

Some huge riffs from Bone combined with the equally aggressive subject matter make this a real headbanging tune. 

9. When Hell is Done:

Stoz's folk inspired chorus provided the basis for the album closer. A fist raising song which will hopefully get everyone singing in a state of glorious metal euphoria.

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