Track By Tracks: Mechanical God Creation - The New Chapter (2019)

1. I am the godless man: 

It speaks of the futility of religion and its dogmas that still block the development and progress of humanity.

2. Till the sun is no longer black: 

In this song we talk about the Roman Empire and persecution of Christians.

3. Walking dead:

It speaks of the current society seen as almost all homologated zombies without a critical and analytical capacity.

4. Before the dawn: 


5. Overlord:

It talks about the D-Day and the struggle of the allies on the beaches of France.

6. What Remains: 


7. Black faith: 

It talks about the atrocities committed by the Catholic Church during the period of the Inquisition.

8. Dark Echoes:

Talks about the soldiers affected post-traumatic syndrome

9. Bow To Death: 

The desire of revenge that all men hatch after suffering abuses

10. War face: 

He speaks of religion that turns people into terrorists and leads them to perform ignoble acts in the name of a presumed god.

11. Red blood on white snow: 

It also speaks of the second world war but we move on the Russian front in this case.

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