Track By Tracks: Oculum Dei - Dreams Of Desire And Torment (2019)

1. Pandemic:

Just intro of a Catholic priest explaining that the church created the idea of hell to scare the people into their churches. We wanted an intro to set a mood and story so to speak.

2. Involuntary Pandemic:

We wanted the first track to hit hard right away and this was the track for it follows up to the priest basically asking where is God when terrible things happen to the innocent and children.

3. Ghosts in the Corridors:  

We brought the tempo down to pay a little tribute to some of the legends in black metal and set an atmosphere of darkness and despair then amp it up in your face to show frustrations and lyrically it flows with the music and talks of battles with one's inner self and imagine what it's like to see yourself from the outside as you travel down a road of demons ripping you apart .

4. Kingdom Of Hell:   

Another track to set an atmosphere of darkness and this time to welcome the dark lord himself to take over the earth and rid it all of its disease and corruptness.

5. Dreams of Desire and Torment:

Basically the title explains this one right off the bat explaining how your brain is your worst enemy and inside you know something you want but its also something you can't have so when you awake from slumber and realize that; you release demons of frustrations with yourself 

6. A Cold Winter's Plight:

Paying tribute to the legends of black metal sharing a Norse story of battles

7. Blinded by Gods:  

First track wrote to emphasize on our band name saying that we are the God's while others are blinded by the imagery of false Gods.

8. A Mist of Heaven Inside of Hell:

A Story being told about losing a loved one forever because of poor choices and the dark underlining message that nothing lasts forever. We wanted a track that we could step away from the expected and completely shock but also being able to capture the minds of other audience to show our diversity as well as having a closing track to end a story.  

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