Track By Tracks: Target - Deep Water Flames (2019)

Deep Water Flames (DFW) it’s an album composed in its entirely at our rehearsal room, with no musical boundaries, giving us the chance to experiment with different sounds and structures we didn’t try before. At first, we felt this writing approach as a risk due the sucess of our last album “Knot of Centipedes” where we felt more like machines playing a song than a band with an artistic vision. In days full of copies of something already invented, we choose to go in the opposite way, avoiding all the effectiveness that an ultra abused breakdown could give you and the short term sucess that seduces many bands out there.
We see music with a cinematograhic point of view (and we’re really into it) with no respect for musical standards or structures. We are into all kind of art expressions and it doesn’t matter to us if it is not metal, violent, fast, slow, religious or not. This premise allowed us to think this album as something that will live with mankind until its final days.
We play metal because it’s the way we choose to express what we think and what we feel about the modern topics of our dalily lives; and not because we want to be part of something massive, fuck with that. DWF was created as a journey for all who decide to join us, with no limits, with no musical and lyrical preconceptions; and, independent of our musical influences: we decided how to sound, how to sing, how to growl and how to stand in front of the music/art industry.


We were planning an intro for a while and, even that we already had a song composed, we changed our minds because we didn’t feel “that” connection with the rest of the album. So we took some melodies already displayed in the rest of DWF to immerse the listener into the beginning of a journey across an ocean where all preconception dies.
2. Inverted Gloaming:

This song contains a few riffs composed in a journey I made years ago, so when we start shouting “my crown adrift, promises to forget me” We wanted to make sure that you comprehend that we’re leaving everything behind and expecting to be forgotten at the same time. I think that the only way the get a real freedom is to leave all you believe is yours, nothing has been given to you, you’re here only as an user who borrows that is needed to survive.
3. No Solace Arises:

I remember being in the rehearsal room showing the main ideas to the rest of the band, I wanted to make a song with 3 or 4 riffs focused in melodies and sensations regarding winter, cold, storms all the peacefulness we feel in those environments. That’s why the song is evolving slowly into an arpeggio loop, a kind of swirl that swallows you to the deepest oceans.  
4. Oceangrave:

We tried to go where we had never been before, crossing our very own boundaries even with the concept itself, going beyond its literal meaning: a grave for oceans, where they can lay to death. We had never given us the the chance with a slow song (even we decided its name before the song was properly finished). All the arrengement are highly influenced by a kind of unorganized black metal chord and I have to admit that I really wanted to play something that evoked images of a cult (like kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”). That’s the way I see oceans: something dark that can be a source of life and mainly, a source of death where you are not able to decide anything, the forces hidden in the deepest oceans will do it for you.
5. Surge Drift Motion:

At this part of the journey we are part of the ocean and the nature has done its job. We loose all kind of identity and we’re finally protected by the oceans with hostility and greed, because “they” don’t want you back out there where you were born. This is an unique song to me, I feel that is where we use all kind of rhythms, sometimes high, sometimes down, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, but never in the same place. The final melodies were made only with guitars, using reverbs, delays and a stomp pedal that I will not reveal because is my secret weapon.
6. Submerged:

DWF song are organized as a journey (yes, again) so at this point we’re under the ocean, living with the rest of the entities caught beneath the seas, we don’t know what they are or where they came from. The piano section was composed at my home studio as a chance to breath between the two sections of the album. We love post rock and doom, so this kind of melodies are something we enjoy a lot and we definitely want to keep the experimentation with all these floydean influences.
7. Drowned in an Everlasting Mantra:

We’re essentially a death metal band, so we always need at least a few blast beats between songs. We thought that it would be an interesting idea to include some traditional folk rhythms so our drummer starts playing some “cueca” beats over a dissonant arpeggio, while the song is slowly developing until it merges with a collosal blast beat. “Cueca” is the traditional dance in Chile and its music is mostly composed in a ¾ time signature. At the end of the song you will be able to identify some southamerican influences. 
8. Blackwaters:

This was the first song we created and the first time we tried to make music together as a band. The main grungy riff starts while the band increases the pulse to collide with a wall of noise in the main chorus. The song evolves while mixing with a bunch of black metal influences. From the middle to the end, we emerge as ghosts, you can notice it in all the melodies that supports the guitar solo section. In terms of music and lyrics, we can consider this song as a point where the main character starts its journey to leave of the oceans where it was caught.
9. Random Waves:

Crazy and chaotic as life itself. I have no more words to describe this. The longest and sickest song of the album and the last song composed for DWF. A random waves may occurre without defined aim, reason, or pattern. In any time of this album you could have been dragged ou to the surface by a random wave, coincidence or not, you decide, it will be an unsolved mistery. At the end of the song we just wanted to make a psychotropic section so we took the most simple riff added noisy synths. I think there is no option to be back with no injuries after a journey like this.
10. Emerge:

At this part, we felt that the journey it’s over, no more to be done. The main character is kicked out of the ocean back its daily life. Moment that could be a new chance to create life or a way to die and travel to the next dimensión through space and time, you decide again. As a tribute to my newborn son, we include his heartbeats mixed with sounds captured by the NASA as a final momento of DWF. For us, this journey is not over.

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