Track By Tracks: VEIL OF CONSPIRACY - Me, Us and Them (2019)

1. Before Madness:


2. Mine Forever: 

The song speaks of a love that becomes obsession, and at the end leads to kill  the beloved one, making her forever.

3. How to Find the Light:

In this song, schizophrenia is the main theme. The character hear voices inside his head that force him to kill himself to end his suffering.

4. Seshen:

The character is a slave of the Pharaoh in the ancient Egypt, whom prayers have finally been listened to the Gods, which destroy the Pharaoh’s reign.

5. Skinless:

The song is about a mad person , sitting on a chair, that slowly starts to skin himself and take off his eyes.

6. Split Mind:

The song is about a depressed one that is aware of his mental disease, calling out for Lprd’s help to make him seeing the light again.

7. Fragments:

This song is about a disturbed adolescent that hate his own parents. The hatred leads him to kill them by putting glass fragments on their meal.

8. Blasphemous Offering:

The song is about a fanatic one who think he is Satan’s son and makes sacrifices in his name.

9. Collapse:

The song is about a patient in an asylum that is about to be subjected to electroshock.

10. Son of Shame:

The song is about a mother, violated by a priest, who his throwing away her son born from the violence into the Tiberis river in Rome.

11. Dorian:

Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray book,  in this song is the portrait who tells Dorian’s story.

12. Staring:


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