Behind The Artworks: Gone Cosmic - Sideways In Time (2019)

The artwork for Sideways in Time was done by Christo Makatita. Christo is an Indonesian artist we found through Instagram and we were immediately attracted to his surreal and often space-based artwork, which of course is a perfect fit for anything cosmic related. We first collaborated with Christo to make a couple of t-shirt designs, but we also had him in mind early on for album artwork. We didn't give too much direction to Christo, as we already loved so much of his portfolio. We gave him the album title, some lyrical themes, and suggested he incorporate elements of surrealism, space/galaxies/planets. We were thrilled with the artwork Christo provided, we feel its a perfect fit for the album and the visual imagery is totally in line with our sonic style - it's got a sense of mystery and the unknown, creating a feeling of vastness and inter-dimensional travel. 

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