Behind The Tracks: Gorge -- The Great Dying (2019)

Many artifacts from around the globe have been unearthed in North and South America and carbon dated to periods of time long before the arrival of Spanish explorers and Christopher Columbus.  Marine scientists have studied the tidal activity in proximal correlation to the location of these artifacts and their direct origin and have concluded that prior to the discovery of the continent by spanish conquistadors in 1492, a global trade market had already existed.  Furthermore it is speculated due to the lack of these findings being readily available to the public and the insistent destruction of history and culture of the people inhabiting this part of the globe, that European governments purposely attempted to cover up the deliberate spread of disease to the now American continent in order to deplete the population and make it easier to invade and conquer the land and claim it as their own -- hence present day America.
The people living on this continent had no indication of these malicious attacks and believed the sickness and death was brought on by the spirit gods; they called this period "the Great Dying." Assuming after hundreds of years people would have long forgotten the history of earth and the biological warfare that was used in the 15th century would be dismissed as legend or even accepted as yet another page in the history books, European expansion took place and most people believed the discovery tale -- yet it remains a debatable topic.  
Our song "The Great Dying" was recorded live in the Tariffville Gorge.  A hundred thousand years of history echo and pulse upward from the deep chasm of the gorge.

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