Track By Tracks: Embludgeonment - Barn Burner (2019)

I try to be creative when I write all my songs or poems. They have a lot of word play, hidden meanings and metaphors that I use in them. So when you read the lyrics you might think it means one thing from the surface but deep in the song it also really means something else or something totally different. The songs are primarily about problems in my life, my dreams, or my twisted thoughts.
1. Tranfixed Impalement:
This song is about the time I was seeing a sike at the Naval Mental Health Clinic for my issues I had while I was in the Marine Corps. In one of our sessions, I was really struggling to keep it together. I had shared most of my morbid thoughts with her that were going through my head. As we were talking, she had mentioned something to me about God and Jesus. I just laughed at her, then I couldn’t help myself having twisted sexual thoughts, thoughts of cutting her up, how I couldn’t stand her face and killing her in different ways. Then I suddenly had an obsession of wondering how far I could stick a ballpoint pen through her eye before it hits the back of her skull.
2. Vociferation:

This song is about how I can’t escape my struggle with anxiety and my intrusive thoughts. I feel as though I am trapped in these evil thoughts with no way out. I have to live day by day, taking medication, being depressed and trying not to lose it.
3. Neanderthal:

This song has a lot of metaphors in it, not only to take aim at the government for being greedy shit bags but also how society is so pathetic, entitled, no integrity, and just a disgusting snowflake piece of shit.
4. Abysmal Plot:

This song is basically about this person that killed my father or should I say assisted him.How this person was in his life that he married was thought to be loving and caring but somehow a lot of things did not make sense with the shadiness behind everything. In the end he died of liver failure, now having a hatred towards this person that pushed his death to come along faster for her financial gains.
5. Corpse Shed:

This song is about my mom’s boyfriend committed suicide in our shed. Then describing all the details of what we saw when he shot him self.
6. Witch Cunt:

This song is about a relationship that went to shit by all of the lying, cheating, stealing and drug use.
7. Gruesome Mortification:
When you first read the lyrics in this song you may think it’s about a guy that is crazy that invites someone over their house. Then turns out he has a nice axe to kill women, has a collection of heads that he has a love/hate relationship with and does sexual things to them. Then the guest doesn’t like what is happening and the crazy guy freaks out and kills him. The real meaning behind the song is about acceptance. Even with secrets and imperfections we all have, the pressure of being accepted. A couple of word play lines in the song is “I cry for kill!” Meaning, the cry is the want (cry for joy) and not want (sad). Kill stands for Killing Innocent Lovely Ladies. The other one is “Go in the vice for Jesus Christ!” Sounds a little sick, twisted and funny at the same time, which I like. But vice stands for, Virtues In Christ Exist. Which the killer in the song strongly believes in while torturing and killing his guest.
8. Cervical Fracture:

This song is about a dream that I had where I had a fascination with the moment, that split little second, death just happened by breaking this lady’s neck. Slowly twisting her head, feeling, hearing, and seeing the changes when I look into her eyes. How crazy it is from one second something is alive, then that tiny little change in pressure and torque it dies. How beautiful her lifeless face is, I have my way with her mouth.
9. In Consternation:
This song is about another dream I had where I was torturing, killing whoever I felt like and making it fun. Dominating while humiliating them as I slowly torture and kill them. But the twist to the song is I wake up from the dream but I’m not sure if it was a dream or not. Then staring at myself in the mirror and trying to convince myself for hours, in a frozen silent panic that I didn’t kill anybody.

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