Track By Tracks: Forever Autumn - Howls In The Forest At Dusk (2019)

1.  All My Relations:

Many long years ago I attended my first Medicine Wheel gathering with a representative from the Lakota people.  There I had my first sweat lodge experience.  This song, All My Relations, is based on that experience.  The original working title waes Mitakuye Oyasin, which I believe is Lakota for All My Relations.  I changed it to the English translation for a better and more widespread understanding by those who may not have previously known.

2.  Balalaika Fire Song:

This werke is a very black metal inspired song.  It expresses the similarities between Fire and people and how we all need the same things.  The various behaviors of Fire are likened to the personalities of the people.  In the end; "we are fires in darkness, we burn to be free."

3.  Tír na nÓg:

This song explores the deep connexion I feel with the mythical Land of the Ever-Young, over the seas and under the waves.  My ties to the Other World appear quite often in my werkes.  A sort of exile haes been imposed, a doom to walk this world for hopefully the last tyme before returning Home.

4.  Owl Bones and River Stones:

Owl Bones and River Stones is based on the melding of dreams.  Experiences that I have had in my dream wanderings are expressed in this werke.  It is a comment on our relationship with the Earth as well as the powers of Shamanic Transformation.

5.  The Forest I Know So Well:

There is a forest that I have inhabited for a many long years.  Over tyme the forest sees more and more evidence of humanity.  I felt, for a long tyme that it waes my duty to protect this place, but as "progress" continues, people clear more land, build new hauses, and mark and defile natural animal trails.  I have been feeling more and more pushed out of my forest to the extent that I have come to the harsh realization that I can no longer protect this land.  I realize that there is nothing I can do to keep these people out.  I miss the trees.  I'm sure that they miss me too.

6.  Fire in the Head:

I suffer from chronic migraines.  It is my curse.  This song expresses these experiences in the shadow of pure doom.  The bowed balalaika breathes and eerie aire, accompanied by the beautiful darkness of the cello.  Bodhran breaks in, leading into a Black/Doom inspired section before the dirge continues, trudging onward to suffer.

7.  Mother Vulture:

The Turkey Vulture haes been good to me over the years.  If you let her, she will take care of you.  I have a sun sensitivity which can at tymes lead to migraines and physical illness.  Mother Vulture comes to shield me from the oppressive Sun under her massive wings.  

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