Track By Tracks: Helion Prime - Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster (2019)

1. Failed Hypothesis: 

This track is an instrumental. We wanted to continue the same vibe as we did on the first record with some sort of atmospheric piece leading into the album. Once again written by our dear friend Austin Bentley.

2. A King is Born:

This is a reworked version of the single we released title "Remnants of Stars" we changed the music a bit and added new lyrics. This track serves as a prequel to the closing epic of the album. Showing the events that led to the creation of the creature we called "Saibot"

3. Bury the Sun:

We chose to write about a Dyson Sphere. A hypothetical megastructure that completely encompasses a star and captures a large percentage of its power output. The idea the write about this came from Sozos and I think it turned out really cool. 

4. Atlas Obscura:

Musically this song is actually really hold. An original piece of music meant for my other band "Dire Peril" but I felt it fit Helion Prime more. The theme of the song began with just the title; Atlas Obscura. I was in Barnes and Noble looking through travel guides and saw a book called "Atlas Obscura". I immediately thought that was a really cool name and it stuck with me. I had no idea exactly what we'd write about. We ended up just continuing to follow the theme behind the book. It was an Atlas of rare and hidden places throughout the world. 

5. Urth:

This song is my love letter to power metal. More specifically bands like Helloween and Edguy. Bands that I grew up inspired by. Up to this point we hadn't really done a full fledged euro style power metal track. The song is based on the classic arcade game "Primal Rage"

6. The Human Condition: 

This was the first song Sozos and I finished together for the new album and still probably my personal favorite. The song is loosely based around "The Interpreter Theory" by Michael Gazzaniga which  says that decision-making, judgment, perception, and virtually everything else that takes place in the brain is unconscious, and that what we understand as conscious thought is a distinct process that after the fact generates explanations for our actions and our experiences.

7. Spectrum:

This one we knew going into would be a touchy one. The song is based on Autism but told from the point of view of a single parent. When writing this song we discussed how we should go about it because our intentions were not to offend or hurt anyone. The idea behind the lyrics is a parent who has a young child who is severe on the spectrum and them not fully understanding what they should do; afraid they may fail as a parent. As the song continues it becomes more hopeful and positive as the parent begins to understand. Even when we released the song some backlash came at us but people need to understand the song is meant as a way of awareness and we mean nothing but absolute respect to individuals with autism. 

8. Silent Skies:

Probably the first song I had finished for the new album (besides Atlas Obscura, but again that was originally written for another project so I won't count it) and it also went through the most rewrites. This is an original story about man being banished to Earth as a punishment from a higher intergalactic council. You know silly sci-fi stuff. 

9. Terror of the Cybernetic Space Monster: 

Another old piece of music I wanted to rework on the new album. This tells the story of our big baddy you see on the covers: Saibot. As he terrorizes both Earth and a Moon base.

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